Coronavirus: Guidance For The Charity Sector

Guidance to help with running your charity during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is forcing many charities to change how they usually operate. The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has produced guidance to help charities navigate their way through this unprecedented health emergency.

The guidance brings together information that charities need to know during this time, and highlights other organisations and websites which may be able to offer support.

This guidance is for charity trustees, their staff, volunteers and service users, along with others who advise and support charities. It also aims to provide advice to the general public on how they can safely assist charities at this time.

This guidance is split into different parts to help you find the information you need easily.

For charities:

  • How do I get support to pay my staff?
  • Funding and finance
  • Trading subsidiaries in financial difficulties
  • Safeguarding
  • Data Protection
  • Annual reporting
  • Charity registration, including expressions of intent
  • Can we change our charity‚Äôs purposes so we can provide support during the pandemic?
  • Advice regarding charity meetings
  • Reporting serious incidents, including any impacts on your charity as a result of the pandemic
  • Accounting matters

For everyone:

  • Volunteering with a charity during the pandemic
  • Donating to an established charity to help those most affected by the pandemic
  • Giving safely to charities (including reporting fraud, scams and cybercrime)
  • The Emergencies Leadership Group
  • Other sources of help and advice

Read the full COVID-19 guidance for charities.

The Commission will be adding to this guidance over coming weeks, working to keep you informed. If you feel something is missing, you can contact