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Grow a Business

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We’re here to show you that you don’t have to do it alone. Bringing your business to the next level has never been easier. At Omagh Enterprise, we see the potential and help you make it a reality.
Grow a Business

See the possibilities, grow with Omagh Enterprise

We think it’s so important to provide support and services to our business community to help them see past their current results, reach for new heights and and achieve business growth.

We bring clarity to the scaling and growth process, to steer you in the right direction for funds and resources and to encourage you to keep going when the end goal seems a little out of reach.

If you’ve got the drive, we’ve got the solutions.

Grow a Business

How can we help you grow

FREE Confidential ADVICE

Eager to learn more about how to reach more clients? Access new markets? Expand your team? If you’ve got the questions, we will work hard to bring you some answers.

Omagh Enterprise offers the community the chance to avail of free advice from our experts to help you on your way to a new path.

Our team have decades of experience and their hearts in the right place to help you thrive and grow.

Support Programmes

At Omagh Enterprise, we have a number of business support programmes that will educate you how to grow, scale and sustain success now and well into the future.

Our programmes are designed to bring you the answers you’re searching for with speed and clarity.

Check out what’s available here.

Assigned Business Advisor

Having a mentor and advisor can accelerate you to the place you want to be.

Our advisors are highly trained experts that know the right paths to take and the best choices to make.

They’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, guide you on the right road to success and introduce you to other methods, organisations and individuals that might benefit you on your journey.

We’re passionate about your growth and your success is our success.

There are business support programmes that offers advice and guidance to people who have an idea for a new business and need help turning it into a reality, for people who have recently started their own business or those who have an existing business and want to grow and scale it.

Anyone with a business idea, from those in the very early stages of planning to those who are already in operation but need some additional assistance.

  • Business plan development: Help with writing a business plan, a crucial document outlining your business concept, goals, and strategies.
  • Legal and regulatory guidance: Assistance with understanding and complying with legal and regulatory requirements for starting a business.
  • Financial planning: Help with creating financial projections, securing funding, and managing your business finances.
  • Marketing and sales assistance: Advice on developing a marketing plan, creating a brand identity, and reaching your target market.
  • Networking opportunities: Events and programs that connect you with other entrepreneurs, potential investors, and industry experts.
  • Loan fund: Funding can be provided for a range of purposes including Working Capital, Asset Purchases, Growth Finance, Start-Up Costs, and Match Funding

Omagh Enterprise offers a free service to clients on business support programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on our Business Support services. If you have any other questions please contact us.

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