Omagh Students Are ‘Zippin’ It’ To Aid Anxiety!

Students at Sacred Heart College in Omagh know how hard it can be to concentrate in school if you have anxiety, poor mental health, ADHD or are suffering from stress.

That is why the Young Enterprise team, comprised of Year 13s, have put their collective brains together and have come up with a perfect solution: A zipper bracelet!

The team call themselves, ‘Zippin’ It’ and say their colourful product can be worn around the wrist or on a keychain, and its owner can essentially ‘fidget’ with it discreetly – that is, zipping it up and down – if they are feeling any form of discomfort or restlessness.

Perhaps the product’s genius lies within its simplicity, and Janette McLernon, Head of Year 13 says it ‘really works’ and can even be life-changing for the wearer.

“Sometimes students fidget when they are nervous – they fidget with their jumper, their nails or even their bags,” Janette, business studies and IT teacher, explained. “With this bracelet, they can discreetly fidget to help calm them down.

“It is a real game changer for students and pupils of all ages – and it looks great too!”

Zippin’ It, a team of 14 students, carried out extensive research into their product before officially launching it during Sacred Heart College’s open day – and due to demand, the bracelets sold out fast.

“Aside from going on the internet, and researching anxiety and concentration difficulties in great detail, they also asked students and staff to fill out questionnaires and gained the assistance of pupils who are anxious, and the feedback of a focus group of Year Eights.

“They further presented their product to Primary Six and Primary Seven pupils who attended our open day, and they successfully sold all
100 bracelets which they had available.”

The bracelet has also proved popular among the Young Enterprise judges, and it won a number of awards at the recent South-West area trade fair that took place in Main Street, Omagh earlier this month.

These awards are: ‘Learning and Development’ award; ‘Digital Presence’ award; ‘Social Innovation’ award; and ‘Best Overall Company’.

The latter accolade means that Zippin’ It are now set to compete against the other ‘Best Overall Companies’ from across the North in Belfast on March 26. They will also be attending a black tie event on April 2 at Belfast City Hall to pick up their awards.

“I am so extremely proud of the students,” Janette beamed. “They have all gelled as a team and worked so well together to create and market a fantastic product that will genuinely help others. Along the way, their communication skills have improved, and their confidence has grown tremendously – they are a fantastic group of students.”

• If you are interested in a bracelet from Zippin’ It, please follow the page on Facebook and contact the school on 028 8224 2717 for more information.