Apprenticeships: Discover The Business Benefits Of Taking On An Apprentice

Find out how taking on an apprentice can bring a number of benefits to your business

Many employers have reported that by employing apprentices they have seen growth and improvement in productivity in their business. By offering opportunities to apprentices you can also make a practical contribution to the skills needs of the Northern Ireland economy.

Business benefits of employing an apprentice

  • New talent – you can access fresh talent for your business in the form of apprentices.
  • Meet your business requirements – you can train apprentices right from the start to meet your own specific business requirements developing competent staff who fully understand your business practices.
  • Loyal and motivated staff – taking on apprentices and helping to develop their skills and set them on their career path can lead to loyal and motivated staff who feel you have invested in their professional development.
  • Funded training
    • ApprenticeshipsNI – for apprentices aged 16-24, the Department for the Economy (DfE) pays the full cost of the off-the-job training. For those aged 25 and over, DfE provides 50 per cent of the costs for apprentices who wish to follow apprenticeships in priority sectors.
    • HLA Programme (Level 4 to Level 7) – DfE provides funding at a specified rate calculated with reference to mainstream Further and Higher Education funding.
  • Employer Incentive Payment of £250 – £1,500 – this is available to employers when their apprentice completes their level 2 or level 3 apprenticeship framework.
  • Increased productivity and improved competitiveness – by mixing on and off-the-job training your apprentice will quickly develop new skills from qualified trainers whilst also putting these skills into practice in the workplace under the guidance of experienced staff helping the apprentice reach their full potential.
  • Fill skills gaps – apprentices can help your business fill skills gaps by developing specialist skills that you require for business growth.
  • Latest techniques and technology – through off-the-job training apprentices can learn new techniques and technology that they can introduce to your business making it more effective and efficient at what it does.

Employ an apprentice for your business

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