Business Profile: Pretzel Play

Name: Tara-Lea McAleer
Business Name: Pretzel Play
Contact: +44 7711060985

Can you describe your business?

Its a Specialised concept I developed which supports the emotional well being of kids in Northern Ireland & surrounding counties from toddlers to teens.  Pretzel Play uses a range of modalities including play, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, creativity, music & games to run classes / workshops to help kids understand and manage feelings and emotions, develop positive self esteem and self worth, learn how to self regulate and relax and promote resilience and a growth mindset.

Why did you start your own business?

Pretzel Play wasn’t planned- I started running local kids classes which got very popular and had positive feedback from kids and parents. I then started workshops and it continued to grow. I have now taken a career break from my job to fully focus on the development of Pretzel Play. Parents and kids really enjoy the concept and my background as a Mental Health OT, Adult & Kids Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Practitioner and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner has allowed my to creat a unique concept for our kids of Northern Ireland.

Im delighted now due to ongoing demand, to be expanding Pretzel Play, and we are currently recruiting for Pretzel Play Mentors to run classes in their own areas / districts throughout the country.

What are the best things about running your own business?

It never ever feels like work- I absolutely love what I do and the kids and parents that attend the classes, workshops and trainings.

When you hear positive feedback on how Pretzel Play has helped kids- it makes it so worthwhile. Im so passionate about this area and how kids of Norther Ireland  need a local derived concept suited to our society, background and legacy.

What are the main challenges facing the business?

Its quite isolating as I work alone and my background is in healthcare where I was always used  to working in a Multi Disciplinary Team with colleagues. Also as I have no business background,  it has been a steep learning curve for me with regards to the business side of things

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Go for it- life is too short to stay in a job that doesn’t excite and motivate you.

Don’t over think it and just go for it- what have you got to loose? 

Can you describe your experience of running a business in three words or less?

Always learning