Five Reasons To Consider Virtual Telephony For Your Business

Virtual telephony being secure and cost-effective, can give a serious boost to your business. While providing the traditional telephone service that includes all the primary functions of the phone like making incoming calls, enabling call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding or call transfer, it also unlocks access to tons of advanced features. Here are 5 reasons to consider virtual telephony for your business:

Tailoring your phone service to your business needs in the long run helps you move to a new level of business operation and opt for the best communication strategy.

Diving deeper into the detail, we can identify 5 strong reasons why virtual telephony can help your business. 

1. Solutions for privacy concerns 

Keeping confidential information secure is a must-have especially when it relates to communication over the phone. Eliminating any third-party interference is important for your users and you as a business. With VoIP service, businesses can take advantage of the application of cybersecurity methods that are not available for landline phone users, strengthening the security of communication.

You do need to get an accredited VoIP phone service to cover the complexities pertaining to:

  • compliance with regulations for specific industries
  • keeping user security 
  • management of cell phone policies.    

2. Solutions for data analysis 

With virtual telephony, clients easily tap in data on call statistics including costs of each call they made, which can be generated as a report and downloaded in CSV or any other handy format to be used further for more insight.

In addition, VoIP companies will provide APIs to access all the relevant data for conducting deeper analysis. 

This type of analysis can guide your customer strategy and facilitate communication. Overall, call analytics is of benefit to businesses as it: 

  • creates grounds for a better customer experience
  • assists employees in improving performance
  • helps optimise resources and time utilisation.   

3. Solutions for cost effectiveness 

For growing your business either locally or globally, there must be unlimited access to calling at any time and at any frequency as communication is an essential part of expansion and availability of virtual numbers could be a game-changer in terms of saving on telecom expenses. With virtual telephony, you can handle increasing call volume without imposing financial restrictions on your business.

While choosing older, legacy phone systems could be a bank-breaker for your business, virtual telephony using cloud-based technologies encompasses multiple functionality and enables VoIP service users to make calls at cost from reasonable to totally free.

In addition, most VoIP service providers offer their customers various pricing plans without the need of prior investing in hardware. In most cases, the options in cost-saving plans can include:

  • extensions
  • voicemail-to-text 
  • conference calling
  • mobile VoIP apps
  • access to toll-free numbers 
  • file sharing
  • CRM integrations, to name a few. 

Obtaining a virtual phone number saves you and your business both time and money by allowing your employees to embrace more flexible work mode.

4. Solutions for international calling 

As you strive for expansion, you’ll want to be able to reach international destinations, connecting with global customers and providing them with the opportunity to call you back easily. 

The requirement for international calls has greatly increased due to global market expansion, and, therefore, the need for international phone numbers has grown too. With virtual telephony, getting a valid local number comes within the service package. It means that your business can create a local presence regardless of physical availability. 

Having an international number can keep your initial expansion into new markets lower cost, compared to the cost of setting up an entire office at a faraway destination. 

5. Solutions for telephone network expansion 

Whether we talk about small business budget or financial opportunities of big enterprises, virtual telephony equally provides one-stop-shop solutions for smooth communication. In particular, within the single online phone service entrepreneurs get access to an expanded telephone network that is featured with:  

  • virtual PBX installation
  • voicemail set up 
  • IVR
  • call recording activation. 

Aside from opening new opportunities to your business, the benefit of these solutions stems from high cost effectiveness as you do not have to purchase or set up any physical equipment for unlocking the additional options. 

Concluding Thoughts

Virtual telephony is a trend that is not going anywhere soon. Introducing virtual telephony can help you save energy, time and money. Facilitating business operations, accessing new markets and increasing productivity as well as addressing privacy concerns are other benefits. It’s all about creating reliable and cost effective ways of communication tailored to your specific business needs.