Join The Responsible Business In Action Campaign

Get social, share your successes and inspire others to take action

From 29 April to 12 May 2019, Business in the Community (BITC) will be sharing great examples of insight and action as part of their ‘Responsible Business in Action’ campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight responsible businesses in Northern Ireland and encourage them to keep having a positive impact on their staff, society and the environment.

How can you get involved? 
During the two-week campaign period, you can use your digital channels – email, website and social media – to get social and share your responsible business impact stories, learnings and successes to inspire others.

For example, you can record and post a video from someone in your company, use the opportunity to tell everyone what makes you proud or say thank you to your stakeholders.

BITC suggests that you:

  • download and share the ‘Proud to be a responsible business’ social media badges
  • use the #ResponsibleBusinessInAction hashtag on your posts
  • tag BITC, your stakeholders and charity partners on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

You can find some hints, tips and examples of what to share in the BITC’s Responsible Business in Action toolkit.

As part of the campaign, BITC will be featuring responsible business case studies, sharing tagged content and providing advice on how to take responsible business action.

Their goal is to inspire businesses to prioritise corporate social responsibility, making Northern Ireland a better place to work and live.