NI Farmers Encouraged To Apply To Business Development Scheme

Applications to Northern Ireland’s Business Development Groups (BDG) scheme must be submitted by 4pm this afternoon and farmers are encouraged to act fast.

BDGs aim to improve the technical and business efficiency of farm businesses, and working in groups encourages farmers to learn from each other.

Research showed that farmers in discussion groups were up to 20% more likely to adopt new technologies and best management practices and as a result, achieve higher profit margins.

Each farmer will be offered the opportunity to attend a number of group training events each year, benchmark the performance of their business and produce a development plan tailored to their farm.

Sharing their farm performance information with other group members and hosting a group training event are important elements of the scheme.

The groups are open to all farmers who are interested in improving the efficiency of their farm, working together, sharing ideas and learning how other farmers solve problems.

They aim to help give farmers the skills to assess how their farm is performing and plan for the future development of their business.

New applications to the scheme must be submitted before 4pm on Tuesday 5 March 2019.