InterTradeIreland Equity Advisory Clinics

Free equity advisory clinics from InterTradeIreland aim to help companies seeking equity investment

InterTradeIreland is hosting upcoming clinics aimed at helping businesses seeking equity investment.

The clinics will be delivered by a venture professional who will advise companies on their fundraising activities including a business plan review, investment pitch practice and signposting to investors.

To be eligible for this service, companies must have a minimum new equity funding requirement of €100,000. You will also need to forward one of the following documents to InterTradeIreland in advance:

  • business plan (preferred submission)
  • executive summary/investment memorandum
  • investment pitch slide deck

Dates for upcoming events
The clinics will take place at the following dates and locations and each of them will run from 09:30 to 16:30:

Read more about the InterTradeIreland Equity Advisory Service.