Leadership In Business: What Makes People Gravitate To Others?

Being a business owner or manager doesn’t always make you a person others want to be around. Certain individuals have traits that make them stronger and more qualified for leadership roles than others. They have qualities that unify that workplace, keep morale high, and increase productivity. Here are some traits that great leaders have that make people gravitate towards them:


A great leader is approachable by his peers. They’re easy to talk to, they listen, and they treat others like their equals. When you treat others in this way, you’re staff is more likely to listen to you and respect your decisions. Being the opposite of approachable will lead to resentful employees that could snowball into larger problems later on.

Being Happy

Being happy and loving what you do at the workplace helps you to become a popular person quickly. Being around a happy boss makes your job seem more pleasant and digestible even if you don’t particularly enjoy what you do. The positive energy increases your productivity and confidence as well.

Willingness to Help

Leaders who look out for the greater good of their company and employees tend to be well-liked and forward thinking. They want to see the company flourish, and they want to see the employees happy. They understand that their employees and customers are the lifeblood of any business, and keeping them satisfied by being attentive and helping them out ensures long-term success.


Being a leader is stressful, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a stoic personality. Cracking a joke and using humour to lighten the mood is a great trait to have in a leader. People love to laugh, and if you can make them smile, they’ll follow you the moon and back.


People go to people they can trust when they have a problem. When you’re a leader, you need to be trusted by your peers to keep the business going forward and to help maintain healthy relationships with other companies. Your integrity is a reflection of yourself and your business.

Although the above points make a strong leader, they are also traits that make up an attractive individual. If you have these traits and are looking to further develop your leadership skills, then think about looking for a leadership course or degree to really help you achieve that. There are many great universities to choose from, or online courses that can let you work toward this larger goal of becoming a great leader.

Over to you now. Anything else you’d add to the list of traits for leadership in business? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: business-achievers.com