How To Attract Gen Z Candidates For Your Business

In the past few years, there has been a massive emphasis on Millennials in the job market. In fact, many companies have rebranded and reinvented themselves to attract employees from this generation. But as companies start looking to the future, it is important to think of the next crop of employees. That’s right, it is time to start thinking of Gen Z! How can companies attract Gen Z candidates to their business?

Because many of these individuals are either still in school or finishing their degrees in the next few years, it is important to understand how their entrance into the job market will affect recruiting tactics. With Millennials, we witnessed the growing importance of company culture and work-life balance: practices that were almost nonexistent for the baby boomer generation. So in order to determine what the “next big thing” in recruiting will be for Generation Z, we have to understand who they are and what they value.

Who Are They?

Although Millennials and Gen Z have many differences, they have one major thing in common. Everyone thinks they are lazy and technology dependent. Thankfully, Millennials have proven this preconceived notion to be very wrong, and I predict Gen Z will do the same! Why? For starters, when it comes to technology, Gen Z is the “first truly digitally intuitive generation”.

Some may believe that this is what makes them inherently lazy, but it is quite the opposite. This makes them not only technologically literate, but also innovative and efficient. Because they grew up with a relatively sophisticated level of technology, they are always looking for processes they can update and steps they can automate.

After taking this perspective into account, it is easy to see why Gen Z may just end up being the most efficient generation by far. Best said by Ajay Chopra, the founding principal of ECHO Design + Architecture, “Gen Z can get work done anywhere with just a wifi password and a pair of headphones”.

Although technology plays a major role in the disparity between Gen Z and other generations, there is a lot more to them- namely, their entrepreneurial spirit. According to a study by Accounting Principals, members of Gen Z are 55% more likely to want to start a business than millennials. This makes a lot of sense when one also accounts for the generation’s intense desire for independence and financial stability. Because they hope to be business owners themselves one day, their thirst for knowledge and drive to perform makes them excellent employees.

What Do They Value?

As mentioned earlier, those who belong to this generation are fiercely independent. This is especially true when it comes to the job market. Because Gen Z absorbed the recent recession through their parent’s eyes, they have a very practical expectation of their job. In other words, they value money and job security. This is not to say that they don’t value a work-life balance, but they do place less of an emphasis on emotional fulfillment when it comes to their profession.

With this in mind, it may be wise to ensure your company that your company can offer competitive pay when it comes to negotiating with Gen Z. Chances are if you don’t, you may miss out on a valuable employee.

Because Gen Z places a very practical approach when it comes to their career, they like to pursue their passion through their side hustle. Although they are just starting their careers, according to research by Open University, 53% of Gen Z don’t rely on their job to provide their only income. They either plan to continue their passion as a second job, or state that their side hustle fits around their life, studies and their current jobs. This approach truly backs their entrepreneurial spirit and future focused perspective!

As an employer if you can tap into this spirit and show them that you care about helping them climb the corporate ladder, you will be able to attract great, young talent.

Over to you now. Do you employ or plan to employ Gen Z staff in your business? Tell us in the comments below.