Business Profile: Shine Play Therapy

Name: Lisa McManus
Company: Shine Play Therapy
Contact details: 07927 784310

Business Profile: Shine Play Therapy

Can you describe your business?

Shine Play Therapy is a psychotherapy / counselling service which aims to help children and young people experiencing social / motional / behavioural / developmental difficulties. It incorporates non-directive Creative Arts therapies including art, drama, sand, music, dance, meditation, storytelling, movement and nature. In addition, I feel very proud to be the first and only Certified Filial Play Parent Coach in Northern Ireland trained to Play Therapy UK standards. This programme can improve strained parent/child  relationships or difficult child behaviour.

Furthermore, our ‘Lego-Based Therapy –Social Development Programme’ supports children and young people with Autism and Communication difficulties.

Why did you start your own business?

With my background being in childcare and education for the last 20 years, I came across so many children and young people who were struggling in their home and school life on a daily basis. With mental health and psychological problems in children / adolescents on the rise, I wanted to provide a professional service that supported both parents and children.

What are the best things  about running your own business?

Hearing such positive feedback on the improvement Shine Play Therapy has made not just to children and teens but to families as a whole is quite humbling. I also love the variances of the settings I work in and the ever-expanding services I provide keeps my work interesting.

What are the main challenges facing the business?

In busy periods, it can be difficult to immediately attend to each new referral as it comes in, however, creating a waiting list I find is the best way to make sure every referral made to Shine Play Therapy is adhered to as soon as a place becomes available.

What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?

Find something you are skilled in and that interests you – then go for it. For me – I love kids, I’m creative and I love helping people. Becoming a Play Therapist is a mix of all three and was the perfect career path for me follow. I don’t regret it for a second.

Can you describe your experience of running your own business in three words or less?

Eventful, rewarding, accomplishing.