Powering The Business Sector: How Local Businesses Can Achieve Global Success

On a global scale, talented people innovate, inspire, lead and ultimately create prosperity. Every Northern Ireland company is built on the talent of its people, bringing success and value to the business.

We all appreciate that the business landscape across the north continually faces uncertainty and numerous external challenges. Therefore, it is not surprising that business leaders here are intently focusing on the issues of attracting, developing and retaining talent.

The long-term prospects of local businesses are intrinsically linked to the people they employ, at all levels. The value of these people, as our most important resource, is growing steadily. Increasingly, businesses have to compete on a global stage, with the likes of EY and FinTrU growing employee numbers exponentially in the region, demonstrating what business success can look like locally.

It’s more critical than ever that business leaders fully understand the drivers that will assist them in acquiring new fresh talent, whilst also retaining highly-sought after employees.

Northern Ireland businesses are notoriously entrepreneurial and robust. But at present, the perfect storm of ‘full employment’, Brexit uncertainty, lack of a local Executive and impending global trade wars, mean that leaders must not take the teams they currently have in place for granted. Retention of key staff is a number one priority, so knowing how to create a full engaged workforce is key.

Development through investment is crucial to the business sector at present, whether the investment be of personal or monetary value. Recent research conducted by Abacus revealed that employees are now seeking added extras within their job more than ever, such as flexible working hours and bonuses. The businesses that can match the requests of the new talent emerging into the professional sector will be able to watch their business grow from strength to strength.

The changing attitudes of the millennial generation is an additional key focus within the Northern Ireland business sector. It’s vital businesses can nurture the local talent from our schools and universities.

Our education sector is to be celebrated and championed, with the future success of the local economy directly impacted by the fresh-thinking and promising individuals the schools produce. Therefore, we need businesses to be attuned to the needs and desires of our young talent so that they can realise their careers aspirations without leaving our shores.

For businesses seeking to gain knowledge and insight on talent management, the Powered By Talent summit will delve into these issues. Attendees will gain strong business insights and tangible advice to immediately implement within their organisations.

Experts from across the local business landscape will also discuss the challenges businesses face in the local and global economy at present, as well as offering advice on how to best overcome them and by sharing their personal experiences.

:: The Powered By Talent summit takes place at the Belfast Waterfront on Thursday June 14 (details at www.poweredbytalent.com)

:: Justin Rush is director at Abacus Professional Recruitment

Source: irishnews.com