Do You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs suffer from the same worries and woes as the rest of the population. But they don’t let such handicaps stop them from turning an idea into a business.

Starting a business

The challenge of starting a business is sometimes fraught with difficulty. But the reward of achievement is what motivates entrepreneurs, as even the fear of failure is tamed when the drive to succeed is sufficiently strong. When reflecting on the issues entrepreneurs face, it is helpful to consider the following: Fear of Failure, Money as Motivation, Simple Determination, Balancing the Personal, and Blind Belief.

Fear of failure

Feel the fear and do it anyway is a mantra used by many to overcome doubts when starting an adventure. Many people fear taking risks but entrepreneurs balance the bigger risk of not doing anything. Their energy is focussed on making the business work, which helps mitigate risk before it arises.

Experienced entrepreneurs know what can go wrong and do everything they can to avoid mishaps. They excel at persevering when others give up, solving problems, and learning from mistakes for future use.

Money as motivation

Entrepreneurs are motivated by what they do and rewarded by doing it better than anyone else. Money, of course, matters to make sure the business is run properly and can pay its bills. But it is often not the prime motivator as entrepreneurs often do what they love, which provides a sense of purpose and long-term mission.

Simple determination

Entrepreneurs see difficulties as distractions to be overcome, rather than reasons to resign. They continue in their quest long after others lose hope, as their belief in what they are doing is resolute. Entrepreneurs test every idea and explore every avenue to find the solutions they need. They turn failure into success by finding answers when it appears there are none. Such determination is contagious, as it infects others long after common sense subsides. As a result, the lifeblood of many businesses lies in the entrepreneur’s irrational and exuberant determination to succeed.

Balancing the personal

Such dedication can lead to an unhealthy and, at times, toxic work-life and family balance. Starting and building a business can be consuming to the exclusion of everything else, which in later life counts as one of the biggest regrets of those who succeed.

Blind belief

Entrepreneurs, at times, have an obsessive belief in what they do and are driven to greater lengths to succeed when faced with disappointment. Their commitment to making the business work supersedes any setbacks, as they take a blinkered approach to getting what they want. Such self-belief comes from a mix of optimism and a talent to turn any challenge into an opportunity.

So, entrepreneurs suffer the same trials and tribulations as everyone else but are blessed with the ability to overcome obstacles of any hue.