What Are The New Technologies Of 2018?

Entrepreneurs dream up and invent new technologies every year. But what are the ones most likely to shape the world in 2018?

A new era

Entrepreneurs embrace technology as a way to win. They understand how technology affects them and worry about how it changes customer behaviour. Within the range of current technologies there are, however, a few destined to dominate in the year ahead. These technologies will disrupt the status quo and create opportunities for anyone brave enough to embrace them.


The demand for robots has grown in recent years as their use spreads across every business and industry. Robots have evolved for use beyond manufacturing as their value is proven to add value to whatever they touch. They are also increasingly used to complement the work of humans and improve performance, increase output and maximise efficiency.


Drones are emerging at a rapid rate as their use outside the military has grown to support the worlds of business and leisure. They are tested for commercial use and push the bounds of legislation such is their range of activity. Drones come in all sizes and shapes and, so far, appear to have endless attraction and application.

Internet of Things

The development of the Internet in recent decades has changed the world but the linking of countless devices into a network of connectivity is about to create even greater change. The Internet of Things has the capacity to collect and share information and make decisions without the need for human input, which provides an entire new dimension of challenge and cheer.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality comes in the form of audio information and visual images to help decision-making in the traditional physical world. Pilots have used it for years as information and images appear in front of their eyes to enable flying without distraction or diversion. The seamless mix of physical and virtual worlds is also evident in the gaming industry, as it grows in sophistication and scale.

Artificial Intelligence

Software of all types is infused with Artificial Intelligence to enable machines to think and act like humans. The ability of machines to experience conscious thought enables them to replicate the human capacity to learn from interacting with their surroundings. It is spreading through all spheres of life as it allows non-human entities to outperform the actions of humans for the first time in history.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is creating a blended world of real and imagined experiences and experiments. It resides largely in the gaming industry but has grown to develop applications for the physical world too. It provides the ability to experiment and scenario plan in ways that replicate three dimensional real world situations in a safe, non-threating, learning environment.

3D Printing

3D printing has been around for a number of years but its use has become less expensive and more widespread in recent times. It allows the replication of any product through the printing of layer upon layer of material. As a result, it opens the possibility of micro-manufacturing as a disruptive force in every industry.


Blockchain is a relatively recent phenomenon as it provides an electronic database or ledger to record transactions in a distributed way. It provides a high level of security as once information is captured it cannot be changed or tampered with therefore enabling safe and secure digital transactions.

So, entrepreneurs and new technologies are shaping the world and we will feel their effect in 2018.