Always Organised: 4 Ways CEOs Keep Themselves on Top of Things

CEOs are known for their busy schedules, and the most successful ones don’t get to the top by luck. They get there because they know how to organize their lives and stay on top of everything they need to accomplish. If you’re trying to become more productive in your life, whether you run a business or not, learning from what CEOs do can make a huge difference. Here are four of the most important ways that CEOs keep themselves on top of things.

Planning Their Days in Advance

You’ll never meet a CEO who goes to work without a plan of attack. Just winging it isn’t in their vocabulary, as they understand the importance of planning their days out ahead of time to know exactly what they need to get done each day and to make sure they don’t forget something.

Most CEOs will plan their days either the night before or the morning of, depending on when they feel most focused. To make it easy on themselves, they will also find good planners that suit their needs. Some opt for a traditional notebook-style planner, while others prefer to set up their plans digitally on their computers or mobile devices.

Delegating and Outsourcing Tasks

One lesson every CEO learns at some point is that they can’t do it all, and if they try, it will be bad for their company. CEOs are supposed to handle high-priority decisions and tasks, but they won’t be able to put their best foot forward there if they are trying to handle everything. That’s where delegating and outsourcing come in.

The best CEOs have no problem delegating as many tasks as they can to qualified team members. If no one at the company has the knowledge or the time to handle something, then the CEO will outsource it to another company or a freelancer.

Picking Tasks to Focus On

Closely related to that previous point is that CEOs don’t let themselves get overwhelmed by all kinds of different tasks. Instead, they choose a small number of tasks to focus on every day and week. Some will also send out an email to the rest of their team explaining what tasks they’ll be working on for the week.

You’re never at your best when you’re trying to do a balancing act between multiple tasks. That’s why the top CEOs have a laser-sharp focus. When they pick a task to focus on, they devote all their energy to that and block out everything else for the time being.

Blocking out Distractions

People are more connected than ever. While that can be a good thing, it also has its downsides, and the biggest is all the distractions you can experience in the typical day. Between social media, emails, text messages and any other notifications you receive, you could easily spend well over an hour per day just checking your phone.

Even though CEOs tend to receive many communications over the course of the day, they’re excellent at blocking out distractions when they have something important to do. That could mean muting their notifications to get some peace and quiet, or it could mean telling their secretary to keep people from disturbing them.

The habits CEOs have are the same as those of other highly productive people. What CEOs do is adapt those habits to fit their lifestyles and the demands of their work environments. You can do the same with the four strategies listed above, and you will find that you get much more done every day when you do.