Don`t Sell, Build Relationship: Best Advice From Salespeople

There is this idea that if you want to sell things you have to do it hard. You have to push products on people that don’t really need them. Of course, that’s not really true. There is an entirely different type of salesman who doesn’t sell based on trickery and hoodwinking, but rather by building relationships based on trust.

The reason people don’t talk about this second kind of salesperson that often is because they don’t think of them that way. Instead, they think of them as friends who just happen to occasionally sell them things that they really need.

Obviously, everybody would much rather be the second kind of salesperson. The thing is, a lot of people don’t manage. They don’t know what to do to get there. Here I’ll reveal some of the best advice to help you build relationships instead of generating sales.

Understand their needs then meet them

The most important way that you can make sure you don’t have to hard sell is by making sure that your customers already want to buy your product. For if they want to buy it, you don’t have to push them!

For that reason, you’ve got to develop some very important skills:

  1. Active listening. If you can listen actively and ask the right questions, then you can discover what people’s pain points are. And when you know that, you can take steps to counter those problems. In this way, you’re improving the service you’re offering so that it will sell itself.
  2. Accept criticism. Similarly, the best way to find out how to give a better service or the best review of the product to the people who buy it is by listening to what they’ve got to say – even if it is bad. The most important part of accepting criticism is swallowing that need to defend yourself. Because when you’re doing that, they can’t be telling you what problems they have as you’re the one talking.

Make your customers better at their lives or their jobs

The mindset shouldn’t be that you sell a product but that you use that product to make your customer better. If you sell to other businesses, then the goal should be to sell products to companies which actually make their business more efficient. For if you can do this – it doesn’t matter whether they’re professional writers in the writing service or a worker in the hamburger business, they’ll stay your customers – after all, you’re taking active steps to make what they’re doing better.

The same should be the case if you’re selling to the general public – for people will realize that you’re selling a product that actively makes their lives better and will be thankful for you to do so.

Nor should it only be about the product. Everything that you deliver to your clients and customers should make their jobs or lives better. That includes the newsletter you send, the content you put up on your blog, professional testimonials and the tips you give them. For if they understand that you’re giving them all this stuff for free and because you want them to be better off, then they’ll be much quicker to trust that your product will do the same.

Give them trail periods with no strings attached

Particularly if your product is expensive, offer them the opportunity to try out your product, so that they can find out if it’s the right fit for them. In this way, you show them that you trust your product to make the sale for you.

The great thing about using these kinds of trial periods with no strings attached is that you can easily use the limited time offer here without coming across as a pushy salesperson. After all, you’re offering them something for free for a limited time. You’re not trying to push them into a sale by giving them a limited time offer.

That’s a big difference.

Give them tutorials and workshops

The best way to make sure people get the best out of your trial is by teaching them everything your product can do. This gives them the best chance to actually understanding what you’re offering and getting all the benefit that they can get from it.

These tutorials and workshops can be in person if the product that you’re selling is quite expensive. If it isn’t, try creating online videos and tutorials that really explain what your product can do and how they can get the most from it. Consider hiring somebody who can explain things well and sounds appealing to your audience as then there is a bigger chance they’ll consume all of the tutorials and understand what your product is capable of. It`s almost the same as you are working in the BestEssay.Education review and give students some advice in writing essay. You always have to explain and describe your customers the product.

And that, in turn, will raise the chance that they’ll buy your product in the end.

Last words

Follow these strategies and you’ll be sure to build up a big pool of customers who will trust you to tell them the truth rather than just sell a product. And that matters, because people that think of you as a friend are far quicker to suggest that their friends get in touch with you, which means that you’re well on your way to building up a bigger network of customers.

In this way, your customer base will grow on its own and you’ll be building a business based on real relationships rather than flimsy and dirty sales techniques.