5 Tips To Increase Brand Exposure

It’s likely whatever market your business operates in, there are some key competitors and brands that you’re looking to compete against. But what is it that sets these businesses apart, why are they front of mind for consumers? Part of the answer to this question is probably branding – branding not only increases the value of a company but instantly gives customers a perception of its business.

Getting your brand in front of the right audience is becoming easier due to digital platforms, that being said here’s 5 tips to make sure that your brand exposure targets the audience in the right way.

  1. Guest posting on relevant sites

Companies have been using this tactic for a while, and although some believe that it doesn’t have much value they would be wrong. The problem is often that people guest post and write poor content that isn’t engaging, directed to a specific audience or doesn’t provide value – focus your attention on creating beautiful, informative content and you’ll reap the rewards.

  1. Everyone loves freebies

Done correctly this could explode your brand exposure, no-one is going to turn down free stuff and by giving away free physical or digital products (with your brand name on) this inherently will increase your awareness. You can get really creative so let your imagination run wild, if you’re stuck for ideas click here for suggestions.

  1. It’s competition time

Running a competition or giveaway on social media is a fantastic way to earn engagement and potential followers on social media. There are an endless number of competition ideas from sweepstakes to photo and vote contests – why not tie your competition into a seasonal event such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Easter and use the seasonal trend to your benefit?

  1. Tap into influencers

Influencers, as the name suggests, have large audiences that engage with them frequently. You might think that influencer marketing is only for the fashion or beauty industry but every industry has its own select group of individuals that have sway with an audience. The key is to find an influencer that has an audience which complements and not competes with your business. If you lack time, why not look at using an influencer database such as Traackr.

  1. PPC Advertising

If you’re not sure pay per click (PPC) is a way to appear on the Google search page among the paid adverts, targeted keywords are selected and your result appears within relevant searches. Although you won’t be able to guarantee that a user clicks on your add, simply appearing in search results is great at building brand exposure and credibility.

Source: business-achievers.com