Business Profile: Omagh Food Supplies

Name: Barry Mullin and Martin McGuckin
Business Name: Omagh Food Supples
M: 07468451059

Business Profile: Omagh Food Supplies

Can you describe your business?

Omagh Food Supplies is a home delivery service of quality fresh and frozen foods. We deliver across the country at competitive prices.

Why did you start your own business?

We worked together for two years in a catering supplies business, however we were made redundant. We saw an opportunity, so we started out on our own.

What are the best things about running your own business? 

The best thing is the flexibility of managing your own time and being your own boss. It is great to have the freedom to make decisions and have control over the products you supply. We also get to meet a lot of lovely people across the country who have become repeat

What are the main challenges facing the business? 

Getting food suppliers at the right price, so that you can be competitive for the customers. The bad weather can be a challenge when trying to get to people’s houses, however we always manage to get the food delivered, even if part of the journey is on foot!

What advice would you give to someone starting a business? 

Do plenty of research into competitors’ prices and plan ahead. If you have knock backs, take them on the chin and move on. Also don’t take things personally and the main thing is to believe in your quality product!

Can you describe your experience of running a business in three words or less?

Challenging and rewarding.