6 Tools to Help You Become a Better Social Media Marketer

What is the priority for your business? Money or Marketing. There is no particular answer just like chicken and egg dilemma. Both are interrelated and important. And, social media marketing is a huge part of Marketing a business.

What are you doing for the social media marketing of your business?

Social media is evolving and taking on new roles, thus also changing the way we do business. In the last few years, it has been picked up by all business owners and the idea is great in itself. In one of the TED talks on social media marketers, the best selling author Seth Godin said that you need to find a way to get your ideas to spread and audience to take action.

According to Godin, brands need to have an audience to talk to them and need to find a group interested in knowing what they have to say. As Godin says, “It’s really simple—you sell to the people who are listening, and just maybe, those people tell their friends.”

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you sell.”– Seth Godin

Now the question is…..

How to find the best social media marketing tools for your business?

Start researching right away? Nopes. Jumping right to research will provide  plenty of options to choose from and leave you in a dilemma. So first be clear about what are your priorities? What are your goals? And, what’s important to you? Once you know it all, now pick your options and compare features and make a decision on the best fit tool for you.

I know it’s a task in itself to know exactly what’s right for you and your business . It is not as simple as it seems to be and will drive you crazy. So, I bring you a list of a few tools and their unique features that will effortlessly help you in social media marketing for your business.

Let’s start with what you need. A roadmap and A plan. With the following tools in hand, you can create a strategy that will bring you success:

1. ProofHub for collaboration


6 Tools to Help You Become a Better Social Media Marketer


ProofHub is a cloud based project management software to help teams plan, collaborate, organize, and finish projects faster. It has powerful features that will help you focus on the delivery part rather than running around to gather data. You and your team can use features like Online discussions to discuss particular tasks and ideas trending on social media. The proofing tool in ProofHub will help you in delivering feedback on designs and assignments in real time to publish on social media. You can access ProofHub on any device with an internet connection including iOS and Android ProofHub mobile app

2. Bundle Post for Curated Content


6 Tools to Help You Become a Better Social Media Marketer

Bundle Post is another important social media marketing tool that will help you in building personally curated social shares in very little time and focus more on engagement. Bundle Post can be used to add quality content and you can also include marketing messages, hashtagged and engaging posts and multi-post campaigns with other scheduled curated posts.

You can consistently share unique, relevant and recent content to ensure that your social media strategies drive traffic to your pages and offers. You will not have to spend more time in managing your posts and marketing messages, instead you can concentrate on conversations and relationships.

3. PhotoSync for Sharing Photos Across Devices


6 Tools to Help You Become a Better Social Media Marketer

With the help of this app, you can transfer pictures between your phone running iOS or Android, create backup or share any video and photos between any devices. There is a huge importance of visual marketing on social media for businesses and you can use images to take your marketing to a new level. With PhotoSync you can instantly upload photos to the other devices to communicate visually.

4. Social Clout for social media monitoring


6 Tools to Help You Become a Better Social Media Marketer

Social clout is a tool that enables social media professionals to track conversations and run campaigns. You can also get actionable insights in the form of reports that are generated with data points on social media analytics for marketing. It will also allow to manage a social campaigns across various social platforms using a single interface.

5. Marketo for Marketing Automation


6 Tools to Help You Become a Better Social Media Marketer

Marketo is an online global community of marketers who share ideas and directly influence product developments. It is a core part of a global digital strategy that gives the ability to gain useful information about your customers. It offers web-based email marketing for companies to preserve engaging customer relationships. It also offers a range of features like marketing automation, social marketing, analytics, sales insight and website personalization.

6. CRM: Salesforce


6 Tools to Help You Become a Better Social Media Marketer

Salesforce is a “Customer relationship management” software that stores customer contact information and can connect to your customers. It will help in building lasting relationships with customers as it keeps track of customers activity like phone calls, email and more. With Salesforce, you will be able to know what are your needs and understand any problems faster.

With social media management, there comes a huge checklist depending on what is on your plate. And, the above tools will help you organize everything evenly on your plate.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com