What Is The Future Of Cyber Security Trends In 2018?

In an interconnected globalized world, the cyber space dominates all our lives. In such a scenario, almost all our actions are decided and depend in some way on the internet. This leads to the growing importance of the internet and its ever growing presence all over the world. The issue in concern that arises out of this is the concern regarding cyber security. With the internet being a space which stores a multitude of information, cyber security becomes a major cause for concern. A lot of data is at stake and in turn, many lives are at stake. Software outsourcing India forms a key part of things in this regard. Cyber security trends thus play a key role around the globe with internet experts going to various lengths to predict cyber security trends in 2018. This article aims to highlight the most important ones and explain the relevance of those to you.

Information wars

With data being the keyword all across the globe, information wars have become a dominant aspect. Earlier, the issue in focus was theft of data for economic gains but the situation now is different. Data now is more about theft of personal data that leaves all our lives in a vulnerable state. The presidential elections of the United States of America brought to limelight cyber security issues of the even the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Where an attempt to humiliate someone or an attempt to make confidential controversial data public, information wars are a growing reality that needs attention.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is a common platform used by almost all companies. 2018 will however be likely to see security experts battling it out to protect cloud storage systems. With many having access and using cloud storage systems, the question will be about who can be trusted. Instability and an insecure cloud storage system are likely to arise. A cloud decision model controlling the personal and public use of cloud storage will probably be designed by companies to protect all the information stored in cloud storage.

Better be safe than sorry

We are probably moving to an age where the security experts are likely to be predicting damage before it occurs rather than taking care after the security breach has already taken place. Security set ups should be trained to detect and act immediately to be able to tackle security issues well.

Nation state wars

Cyber security in recent times has seen a number of cases where the issues are between two nations. Cyber conflict between nations is dangerous and will be having severe repercussions on the international political scenario. These are likely to be on a rise and the magnitude of the issues will only grow.

The problems posed by the Internet of Things

This rising phenomenon has been adopted by many enterprises and the devices incorporating this new age technology are mostly not secure enough. A lot of personal data becomes vulnerable in the process. Default passwords and faulty communication methods are at the core of faulty security apparatus. Breaches of privacy due to the use of Internet of Things will continue to be on a rise in 2018.

The governmental action and legal clauses

The surveillance laws of the government are changing and this is likely to have an effect on the cyber security of different companies. The finances involved in business are likely to be altered when new laws come into force regarding data management and protection. Harmonization changes and implementation of these laws might take a little time but the effects will definitely be seen in 2018.

Digital ecosystems

Every individual plays a crucial role in a digital ecosystem. With security, privacy and other factors at stake, every individual has a role to play in the protection of data. Safety and the reliability factor play major roles in this regard. A handle on security thus becomes a must for digital ecosystems.

Data science and data analytics are the next big thing. These essentially deal with the monitoring of a large amount of data and understating human behaviors and predicting trends based on these large sets of data. Any breach that occurs leaves this entire amount of data vulnerable. Cyber security is thus a concern that plagues everyone. It isn’t only restricted to big firms and companies but concern every individual as their own data might be at stake.

Artificial intelligence is needed now to tackle the issues. Newer technology dealing with cyber security with a swift method of prediction of breaches based on loopholes and flaws is necessary for the proper security of data and the cyber space. Training of security experts to deal with widespread security concerns needs to be the cornerstone of things. Software outsourcing India is another aspect that needs key attention and care when being dealt with. Cyber security trends are many but to ensure the security of lives and personal information, this is an area that demands attention, scrutiny and care.

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