Business Profile: H.U.S.H. – Hairs Ultimate Styling Haven

Name: Danielle O Malley & Emma Moore
Business: H.U.S.H. – Hairs Ultimate Styling Haven
L: Omagh Enterprise Centre, Great Northern Rd, Omagh
TL: (028) 8225 3375

Business Profile: H.U.S.H. - Hairs Ultimate Styling Haven

Can you describe your business? 

A hair salon committed to offering the highest standard of hair care and styling to our clients’ (regular and new) with the use of L’Oréal Professional. We aim to stay up to date with the latest trends and fashion statements in order to provide the best possible service, from a dry cut to a colour correction.

Why did you start your own business? 

Danielle: I decided to start my own business – after having a daughter, my outlook on life changed. Providing for her became my number one priority, and I’m doing something I’m passionate about, so it’s a winwin. Emma: I decided to start my own business as I spent the previous year travelling Australia and when I came home and realised little had changed. I needed a new and exciting venue. We have worked alongside each other for six years and are both extremely dedicated to what we do. So teaming up with each other to start a business was an easy decision.

What are the best things about running your own business?

As passionate hairdressers, we love the fact we can choose our own product range and have something we know will suit all hair types. Our salon is where we spend 90 per-cent of our time, so having it the way we want it is something to be proud of, especially when a client leaves completely satisfied. It’s nice to know it’s your name above the door and that a customer will recommend a place you call your own.

What are the main challenges facing the business? 

Becoming self-employed was a challenge in itself – financially. In our industry there is a very high rate of competition. Everyone is striving to be the best they can, which drives us even more to stay on top of our game! With regular training with hair care and styling, we hope that we can keep that challenge to a minimum.

What advice would you give someone starting up their own business? 

Don’t be naive. Having your business the way you want is costly from the start. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It is worth the hard work. We can already see how being your own boss can be stressful, but again we are extremely happy and wouldn’t take it back for anything!

Can you describe your experience of running a business in three words or less?

Tiring, fulfilling and exciting.