Developing The Habits Of Success

Success comes in many forms and is often the result of clear thinking and careful planning. But the habits we hone have an immense impact too.

Different views on what it takes to be successful have been discussed as long as woman has had the will to speak.

Some people believe there is a magic formula to be found; others that it’s a lottery of luck and can’t be captured or calculated.

The truth no doubt rests somewhere in the middle, which provides hope for us all. To find the hallowed haunt of success there are however tips we can take:

  • know when to react, reflect or do nothing as a way to find fortune
  • read to broaden perspective and keep current with local and global events
  • make sure your private and public lives are in balance in a way that adds appeal to each
  • prioritise family time and commitments ahead of the creeping concerns of career
  • stay fit and healthy as a way to enjoy the good times and cope with the bad
  • develop the habit of finding good ideas wherever you are and in whatever you are doing
  • develop the habit of looking for solutions rather than problems
  • test ideas in the real world before investing time or money in trying to make them work
  • enjoy your work today so it doesn’t feel like work tomorrow
  • change your attitude or change job to spend more time doing what you want
  • enjoy what you are doing, learn quickly and improve
  • make short, medium and long-term plans and be flexible in deciding how to achieve them
  • find some positives in your job as a way to be positive in life
  • revise plans on a regular basis as if you were running a business
  • start doing the one single thing each day that will make the biggest difference
  • remember you have exactly the same amount of time as each of the other seven billion people on the planet
  • get the habit of spending more time doing what you should and less doing what you shouldn’t
  • examine how you spend time each day and focus, focus, focus
  • manage the number of hours spent watching TV or on the internet or smartphone
  • embrace good habits in everything you do and stick with them as they steer you to success
  • remember if you can’t get organised get lucky

So, success is often the result of clear thinking and good planning but it also reflects the habits we practice each day.