Business Profile: Orba Health & Wellbeing

Name: Caroline Mullan
Business: Orba Health & Wellbeing
T: (028) 8224 2160
M: 07510893608

Can you describe your business

Massage Therapy and Body Maintenance. Offering Bespoke, Remedial, Relaxation, De-Stressing, Sports, Prenatal and Pain Relief Treatments. I am a qualified Massage Therapist working under the umbrella of Orba Health & Wellbeing. My passion as a MT has lead me towards the health and wellbeing sector and Orba has enabled me to bring my particular rebellious blend of massage techniques to a wider audience. Having fallen out of favour with the stereo typical massage techniques practiced in U.K. and Ireland I found that the American approach to body working offered a whole new world of opportunity for overall physical and mental wellbeing. I believe that massage is more than Sports & Spa, and a therapeutic, results driven approach is what I offer at Orba.

Why did you start your own business

Having the flexibility to work around my 3 wonderful children was definitely my motivation for starting my own business. Having worked in a stressful environment for many years I longed for a better way for my family and owning my own business has afforded me the luxury of being there for all the important things in their lives while at the same time fulfilling my own dreams and ambitions

What are the best things about running your own business

Loving what I do means it’s not work, no more Sunday night dread at the thought of Monday mornings. Job satisfaction, I love being able to make a difference to my clients quality of life. Being your own boss brings a motivation and a liberation that cannot be achieved while following someone else’s agenda

Main Challenges 

The main challenges I found were understanding the business end and legalities around setting up, also self promotion and selling. I’m uncomfortable with that aspect but Omagh Enterprise and Aine were so helpful and supportive and believed in me, I cannot thank them enough

What advice would you give to someone starting their own business 

Be prepared for hard work. Research your market and hone your craft. Never stop learning. You cannot afford to give anything less than 100%, so be sure and believe in your dreams

Can you describe your experience of running a business in 3 words or less

Liberating Challenging invigorating