What Does it Take to Be An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs come in all shades and colours and possess a variety of characteristics. But they also share many common traits.


Entrepreneurs are driven to create ideas and products and usually persevere long after logic and reason demand they stop.

Their focus and determination provide the energy they need to spring new businesses into life. Entrepreneurs, at times, take risks to start in business although they see it simply as something they are determined to do rather than a hazard to be avoided.

Risk comes in different forms, as they can be financial in nature when raising money or personal when committing time away from family to make a business work.

Entrepreneurs are always confident about their idea and have a sixth sense that allows them to spot opportunities where others see danger or dread.

Belief in an idea helps to manage the stress of running a business, particularly during times of difficulty or doubt.

Entrepreneurs learn quickly, are inclined to explore new areas of activity, and possess the ability to internalise and absorb information and experience.

They are blessed with a sharp and natural intelligence that allows them to find the resources and elements they need to create something where there was nothing.

Entrepreneurs fear failure just as much as everyone else but such fear is overridden by a resolve to test their idea to construction or destruction.

They understand that responding to failure is more important than failure itself, as they apply the lessons learned from one venture to the success of the next.


Entrepreneurs believe passionately in what they are doing and have a sense of purpose that is convincing and contagious.

They enjoy pursuing a quest as it occupies and obsesses them in equal measure regardless of set backs or slow starts.

Entrepreneurs have a bias toward action and use their well honed ability to adapt to changing circumstances to achieve what they want.

They thrive on challenge and are undaunted by the need to shift direction on short notice, as they don’t expect progress to unfold as hoped or planned.

Entrepreneurs know how to make money from what they are doing and how to attract other people’s money to invest in their venture. They can sell their ideas and products and know how to disrupt established markets and create new ones that crave what they offer.

Entrepreneurs are gifted at building strong and focussed networks of people specific to their dreams and the goals of the business.

They are adept at spreading enthusiasm and influencing those they meet who can support their business.

Entrepreneurs use a deep faith in their own talent and ability to promote the business in a way that resonates with colleagues and wins customers.

So, entrepreneurs are different from each other and choose very different ways to succeed but they also share many similar traits and characteristics.