Quick Ways to Attract Attention on Instagram and Add More Followers Organically

Whether it is for individuals or business, the attraction of Instagram is compelling due its high level of engagement and huge user base. There are more than 300 million Instagram users daily out of 500 million users who share 95 million photos and videos regularly. And the engagement level can be gauged from the number of likes generated every day –1.6 billion likes. The app has turned out to be the most effective marketing tool that has made its competitors on the social media run for their money. There are numerous results available that indicate that the engagement level of Instagram is 58 times more than Facebook.

However, as this advantage is applicable for all Instagram users, you need to do something more and much better so that you are ahead in your niche.  There is cut throat competition all around and being complacent would mean that you become the fabled hare who simply could not beat the tortoise.  With the objective of getting more followers, more visibility and higher engagement, here are some measures that you can take to augment your Instagram campaign.

Hashtags need to be creative

Captions with hashtags should be revealing and creative. Move away from the obvious and use expressions or word combinations that give broad hint about the story that you want to tell. Express your thoughts with emotions the way you want but never let it be boring.  Make good use of Like4like hashtags that would invite others to exchange tags that could rapidly multiply your following.  It shows your eagerness to increase engagement while you are ready to reciprocate the goodwill gesture that they show on you.

Highlight dedicated hashtags on profiles across all media

With higher visibility and brand building objectives, make sure that the dedicated hashtag that you have created for your company is flashed across all places, online and offline. Promote it across all social media platforms by attaching it to the profiles and for offline promotions, get it printed on all official stationeries like bills, receipts, letterheads and even make a place for it in the emails that you send.

Join the band wagon

Participate in conversations for topics that are trending and relevant to your niche by picking up appropriate hashtags. It is a kind of self promotion that you indulge in to make yourself shown to others. Your visibility will automatically get increased. Mix universally trending hashtags with specific ones to get in front of more people.

Elaborate on captions

One word hashtags appear attractive but to make it more effective, create elaborate captions. If captions are descriptive, it can tell a story which in turn can improve sharing and engagement. Avoid the tendency of being miserly with words for captions. Instead, turn captions into capsules of stories. It adds great value to the image you post.

Develop a visual style that is your very own so that you are easily recognized when people see the images that you post.  This is a sure way to stand out from the crowd and be counted.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com