6 Signs Your Small Business Needs Help with Social Media

When you start a business, naturally you’re not going to know everything about how to operate it. Some of it, you’ll learn as you go along, and other parts of it, you’ll need to get assistance with. As most small business owners might agree, deciding to “give up the reigns” to a certain aspect of your business often means a new expense. As a means for saving money, many business owners decide to continue doing the task on their own, but in the end, it only ends up hurting the progression of business.

Take marketing for instance. Marketing is a necessary aspect of running a business. It is the method or methods in which a business gets the word out about their products or services. As you likely know, there are hundreds of ways to market your business, each bringing in their own level of returns. Most business owners jump into marketing head on, only to make so many mistakes, that they end up ruining their brand. Here’s a few signs that you may need to outsource to a social media management company:

  1. You Have No Idea Where to Start

If the concept of social media management for your small business is completely foreign to you, you are probably going to want to call in the reinforcements. In order to successfully market your brand on social media, you must understand what creating a social media strategy is, what platforms you’re going to use, and how much you’re going to invest in it. If this will require a lot of trial and error or research on your end, you should probably outsource.

  1. You Only Have a Few Minutes Per Day to Dedicated to it.

In order to create and implement a social media strategy properly you’re going to need to be working with several platforms several times per day. Not only will you be posting content, but you’ll need to monitor for engagements and respond accordingly to keep your audience interested. This all takes a great deal of time. So if you only have a few minutes per day to dedicate to social media, you need to have someone do the managing for you.

  1. You’re Not Good with Navigating the Internet

There are some business owners who have no need for the internet – other than marketing. They have a brick and mortar location or work with their hands and have no need for online platforms. This can be an issue as knowing how to navigate the internet and online platforms is imperative to successful social media management.

  1. You Don’t Use Social Media

Don’t have a social media page yourself? Or maybe you haven’t updated it in 4 years? If this is the case, your social media skills might be a bit shabby. Working with a social media management firm can ensure that the content posted to your page is relevant, current, and attractive to your followers.

  1. You’re Taking Too Long to Respond to Followers

In the “digital age,” consumers expect instantaneous results. They’re looking for a quick response to their questions or concerns, and if you’re not providing a quick turnaround on their responses, it could lead to a ruined reputation or a dissatisfied follower. If it’s taking you hours or days to reply to a follower on social media, a social media management company is best for you. They can respond quickly to keep followers from becoming dissatisfied.

  1. You’re Not Getting Responses on Your Content

While slow feedback and response is to be expected when first starting a social media page, if you’re not getting any feedback after a few months, this could mean that your content is not engaging enough for your followers. Bored followers will move on which of course is the opposite of what social media marketing is for. If you’ve been posting content for months with no likes, new followers, comments, or reactions, you should certain consider outsourcing.

If you’ve realized any of these signs within your social media marketing strategies, you should really sit down and consult with a social media management firm. You may find that they have affordable solutions that free up your time, improve your brand, and gets you the followers that you’re looking for.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com