5 Ways to Stay Organised

It’s no great revelation that in today’s always-online world, it’s very difficult sometimes to stay organised. You have so many ideas, opinions, and conflicting thoughts, that you are not sure where to begin.

Being organised is an especially important task if you are hoping to succeed at your small business.

Today we’ll look at the 5 best ways you can stay organised, starting today.

1. Choose one thing to do today

It’s important that you don’t run around like a headless chicken, hoping to finish as many tasks as possible. What happens then is that you spend so much energy doing so many different things, that you never actually achieve anything.

It’s very important for your organisation, whether it’s personal or businesses, for you to focus on one major task, and then determine how you will do that task today. It can be a grand idea like make $70,000 this year, but you’ll need to get that down today to: send out my CV/resume to 30 fantastic companies, or make 50 amazing sales calls and set up meetings with at least 10%.

2. Write down goals and prioritise

According to Dominican University research, people who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them. When you keep your goals in your mind, it’s a good start but it doesn’t work very well, as your mind is often overrun by the important thing of the moment. That is usually business, but it can also be other urgent things that push everything else to the back or permanently out.

Writing down your goals, and keeping them visible—posted up on your fridge, your desk, anywhere you’ll walk, will help you stay focused on them and organise your business and personal life.

3. Measure  your goals

Besides writing down your goals, you’ll also need to determine how well you are doing in reaching those goals. Are you on the right track? In order to have effective goals, as I hinted at above, you’ll need to break those goals down into edible pieces.

If I want to become the greatest singer in the world, it would be impossible for me to measure that unless I become the greatest singer in the world. However, I can break that down into learning my instrument, getting a few gigs at the local bar, and then breaking those down into playing this song on my instrument beautifully and contacting the local bars first, respectively.

When my goals are broken down, I can measure regularly how well I’m doing, what I need to change in my approach, and how realistic my goals are.

4. Group tasks

The most important thing you can do, especially when you have so many goals you’d like to complete, is to begin to put your tasks into similar groupings. This means that if you need to do a lot of writing, do them all at once, anything related to writing.

If you need to send emails, do as much as possible at one time. The reason for this is that when you get into one category mindset, you become naturally faster. However, if you split your time amongst too many different tasks, it takes time to adjust to the new category and you lost a lot of time.

5. Use organisation software

Lastly, it’s important to delegate your tasks—however, you don’t need a human being to do that. Some things are very important and require Virtual Assistants. But there’s so much powerful software out nowadays that you can automate a lot of your tasks, as well as make your business life easier.

This can be in the form of social media management tools or invoicing software, which allows you to send out your invoices in 1 minute or less (which is great for getting paid faster). Whatever system you use, you should find ways to automate and delegate to help you stay organised and focused on your main goal.

These are some of the best ways to get organised, and if you follow these goals you will find yourself much more productive in your work and personal lives.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com