5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity This Winter

Maintaining high levels of productivity is always challenging. However, in cold, gray winters it is often close on impossible. Getting that pressing work completed is not nearly as appealing as curling up under a blanket with a good book or watching the latest blockbuster movie.

Two things are for certain, the cold weather is not going to suddenly disappear and your to-do list is not going to get any shorter on its own.

Some people appear to be full of energy midwinter, how do they do it? What can you do to get a burst of energy on those gloomy winters’ days? Here are 5 ways to increase your productivity this winter.

1. Work in A Different Environment

Now that you are up and active, why not try working from a coffee shop to give you a change in perspective and a bit of motivation. You can’t exactly take your pillow and blanket along so it will force you to apply yourself. A cup or two of delicious hot coffee is not going to hurt either. The buzz of the busy environment will awaken your senses and take your mind off the miserable weather outside, leaving you to do what needs to be done.

And while you are there, don’t forget a decent snack to keep your newfound energy levels up. Nothing too heavy as that will only make you drowsy and lethargic again. A high-energy protein meal will work a charm.

2. Take Regular Breaks

This does not mean jumping into bed for half an hour but regular breaks will help you to stay sharp and focussed. Do something different, take a walk or chat to a friend, just distract yourself from the work at hand for a short while. When you return to it you will be better able to stay on track and remain productive as well as motivated. If you try to force yourself to work long hours without a break it will just lead to fatigue and lower your productivity.

3. Get Up and Out

Somehow, sitting around indoors, where it is supposed to be warmer is counterproductive. Get up, get dressed and get out. Some exercise like a workout or a run is guaranteed to warm you up and make you more alert and active but even a brisk walk will help a great deal. Another idea that is sure to spark you up is a quick spin on a motorcycle. Bikers’ Basics has everything you need for that. The fresh air, albeit cold, will activate your senses and sharpen your mind, enabling you to tackle the necessary tasks.

4. Brighten Up Your Work Area

Just because everything outside is a shade of gray does not mean your workspace has to be. A few simple ideas can transform your work area and breathe new energy into the space.

The first step is to remove all the clutter and get rid of any non-essential items. Make sure the area is clean and tidy. Then spruce it up with a few indoor plants or a colourful bunch of fresh flowers. You can even add in a few accent colours here and there with scatter cushions, tablecloths or even pictures on the wall. Anything that adds brightness will wake the space up and keep you awake and alert.

5. Have A To-Do List and Set Deadlines?

There is a lot of value in making a daily to-do list. Create it at the end of the day for the following day and assign a priority to each task. That way, you will know exactly what it is you have to accomplish each day and in what order. If and when you get distracted, simply move on and get back to the list. You will feel great as you scratch each completed task out.

Those are just a few simple and easy to apply ideas that are guaranteed to help make you more productive this winter.

Keep warm!

Source: smallbusinesscan.com