The Digital Economy Comes To Omagh

The digital economy is growing at a tremendous rate as it creates jobs and expands to form new industries and transform old ones. But it also creates a number of challenges, not least making sure local businesses don’t get left behind.

The digital economy

The digital economy is turning the mainstream economy upside down as it spawns new areas of activity and unsettles traditional jobs and patterns of working.

The opportunities it provides are extraordinary and so are the challenges it presents, as it courses through traditional industries and business sectors like a tsunami of chaos.

The rewards offered by the digital economy are spectacular but it enriches only those with the requisite skills while impoverishing those it deems of little use to its advance.

The penalties it inflicts are exclusion, isolation and penury as it moves at a speed that allows people scant chance of keeping up when it assaults a new area of interest.

The current generation will feel its winds of unrest as it uproots jobs on an industrial scale that alarms and accelerates in equal measure.

The next generation will feel its damaging reality too, as they find succor only in the supply of skills that complement its unyielding economic growth agenda.

Like it or hate it, the digital economy already lies at the heart of the mainstream economy and is growing fast to dominate every segment of the commercial landscape.

Digital Omagh

The good news is we can avail of the opportunities the digital economy creates to make sure local businesses don’t get left behind.

To this end, Digital Omagh provides a network for businesses to engage with each other, as it brings together different people from different sectors to explore the digital terrain.

It offers support to local companies and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities created by the endless spread of digital technology.

Digital Omagh organises local meetups, networking events, access to finance, flexible lease agreements, access to affordable property, national and international links, business incubation facilities, access to graduate-level talent and a skilled workforce.

It also offers super-fast broadband, links to colleges and universities, access to research, links to sectoral clusters, business support programmes, access to a world-class digital infrastructure and a supportive local business environment.

The digital economy is, undoubtedly, here to stay and will increase its influence on the mainstream economy until all business is digitally determined.

Economies and industries in the future will not be differentiated by being digital or non-digital as the influx of learning technologies will make all business digital at its core.

So, the digital economy has arrived with its associated creative disruption and Digital Omagh provides a way for businesses to profit from its associated creative opportunity.