Converting Blog Content or YouTube Channels into Sales

Writing captivating blogs is not an easy task. It is time consuming and not the kind of job that can be allocated to random staff for part of their workday. It’s certainly worthwhile to hire writers to focus on quality content. Potential customers may or may not notice a great blog post, but a bad blog post effectively puts a bullet into a company.

Another ambitious task that has a powerful effect on potential customers are videos. If the video is lackluster, that could be damaging. However, even if you created the latest “Watch Guy Shoot 10 Targets Behind His Back” video, where does it go from there?  An impressive video can quickly go viral, but most videos are forgotten as soon as they are viewed.

Creating quality content is a significant part of a campaign, but it is not the end. This is where so many companies fail. They put time and money into creative ways to draw attention to themselves, but fail to continue down the marketing path and convert exposure into sales.

Crafting the Right Message

Some of the conversion success is due to the content and the message itself. That is, making sure to create a positive message. Knowing the audience is the most redundant thing that can be said, but unless this is definitively figured out efforts go for naught. After knowing your audience, you then know what to offer and how to pitch it.

The right pitch needs to leave customers hanging a little. They don’t need all the questions answered, but rather to be aware that something, or the need for something, exists. They also need the message to be easily comprehended. Text needs to be a bulleted, easy to read format. Videos need to be short and graphically appealing.

When you have reached the target audience, it is important to be assertive and direct, without ramming something down someone’s throat. Selling is a smoothing over, not something that can be forced. People don’t want to be told what to do, but they do need to be told what to do or else they won’t do it. It takes some finesse to make someone support your cause.

Creating the Brand

Beyond creating fabulous content, the content needs to be purposeful in falling in line with the mission. In blogging and YouTubing, the content needs to be branded with a uniqueness people can come to recognize. Branding is actually made more unique through video and blogs. Keeping the content consistent with the rest of the brand helps people continue to follow the brand. That’s a huge deal because followers mean money. The more followers, and this meansactively engaged followers, a brand has, the more it will attract new followers. Consumers really want to keep with the hip crowd. And the crowd will come if the content is compelling time after time.

Pushing the Brand

In the fast-paced, forgetful world of the internet, most businesses are accustomed to short spikes of traffic. This is where the unseen work really starts.

Content needs to be actively promoted on social media outlets, and even outreached to other blog owners to link to your content. The content promoted needs to include links to your website or product pages. The website and social outlets should use email signup forms, floating ads, or banners that encourage subscriptions. Again, not too annoyingly persistent, but enough to tell people what they are supposed to do. The most important reason to create great content is to bring people back to your site again and again.

The workflow process can help increase visibility by using analytics to track what is working and what isn’t working. Annotations, adwords, and other links within the content really give things a boost. It will be important to have a fine tuned process and understanding when you arrive at this point. You will need to know exactly what keywords and other needs will aid search optimization to increase visibility and continue the process of attracting new clientele.


When you are finding what needs to be tweaked, rework through the process and remarket. This will help get back to the people you may have just missed or had on the fence. The marketing world is constantly evolving, so keeping with what’s trending will keep your brand relevant. As you follow new strategies and apply them to your brand, you continue bringing people to your online store. Understanding the audience, making something compelling, giving multiple and simple ways for customers to link to purchase pages and remarketing are all significant in turning cool videos and insightful blog posts into business.