eir Elevation Awards 2016

Northern Ireland businesses can enter the eir Elevation Awards before the 5pm deadline on Wednesday 28 September

The eir Elevation Awards celebrates the unique recognition, success and ingenuity of the fastest growing businesses across Ireland including Northern Ireland and the unique drivers behind them. With a spotlight on innovation, international scalability, differentiation and strategic investment to the Irish economy, the eir Elevation Awards celebrates the success of Ireland’s fastest growing companies.

Why enter the awards?
The eir Elevation Awards will provide winners with a high value prize that will enable them to directly improve and grow their business. The overall grand prix winner will receive amedia package to the value of €50,000 with business & finance media group to include advertising and editorial on print and digital.

Category winners will receive a business & finance media package to the value of €10,000 including a full page advertisement to be used in a business & finance magazine edition of your choice. The eir Elevation Awards gives you the opportunity to network throughout the year across various physical touch points that include workshops and the ceremony itself.

Who should enter the awards?
A business will be eligible for the eir Elevation Awards having met the following criteria:

  • the applicant company will be able to illustrate revenue growth ford consecutive years prior to application
  • the applicant company will be registered in Ireland/Northern Ireland and will have been operating for no more than 15 years
  • revenue must be related to core trading income, excluding related party transactions
  • the nominees must be able to demonstrate their achievements across the following core areas – idea/concept, innovation, revenue growth, market share, scalability and profitability
  • promoters may nominate their companies in multi categories as appropriate

The closing date for entries is 5pm on Wednesday 28 September 2016.

Enter the eir Elevation Awards.