10 Apps and Devices that Make Your Business Day Easier

Everyone wants to find ways to make their work lives just a bit easier. Technology is always finding ways to help us streamline processes or to just make life a bit more enjoyable. Whether you own a small business or work for a large corporation, many of these items can make your day a bit easier. Give them a try and see if they improve your life!

  1. Portable Scanner

Do you find yourself running back and forth from your large, stationary scanner? Luckily, there are lightweight, portable scanner that are perfect for small offices. Whether you want to scan receipts to be itemized later or to scan notes to be sent to coworkers, a portable scanner sends all of your documents to the cloud.

  1. TurboScan App

You are going to have to sign hundreds of legal documents. You can use this app to scan and keep all of those documents you have signed organized. There are so many ways to use TurboScan, but it is easy and helps keep things together.

  1. Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard

Nowadays, you generally don’t have to take your laptop places unless necessary. If you want to use your tablet for a lot of typing, the on-screen one will slow down the process. While there are wired versions of tablet keyboards, the Bluetooth ones are even easier. It will speed up the process.

  1. Portable Projector

If you find yourself on the road a lot, you can still give presentations with a portable projector. Some of them are small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, which makes transporting them a breeze. They run on batteries and displays documents or slides on your USB drive or SD card.

  1. ScreenMeet App

If you have something on your phone that you want to share during a meeting, ScreenMeet is the app for you. This allows you to share information or a presentation. You could even use it for training purposes. You can invite anyone to use ScreenMeet as well.

  1. Espresso Machine

Business days can feel like they stretch on forever. Sometimes, you will need an extra pep in your step. Having your own Espresso Gusto in your office lets you make your own drinks, without having to run to the coffee shop.

  1. Anyrun App

Until you can purchase an amazing espresso machine for your office, you have to settle for the coffee shop down the road. Instead of writing down what everyone wants, Anyrun makes the process a lot easier. You can make a group and anyone in the office wanting coffee can put their order into the app. Depending on your location, some coffee shops also take orders from the app as well, eliminating one more step.

  1. Office Chair Alternative

Desk jobs can do damage to your back after sitting for multiple hours each day. One of the best things to do is have alternatives for your chair. An exercise ball provides relief to your aching back. Another option is a WalkStation Desk, which is a desk on a treadmill. It helps you get exercise while still completing all of your needed tasks.

  1. Ride App

If you carpool to work, Ride is an app that helps coordinate carpooling. You can invite your friends and coworkers as well. The app helps provide routes and make the cost easy and affordable for everyone. Carpooling is a popular option, especially for those who are looking for save money on transportation.

  1. Podcast App

You need motivation each day, and the place to find that is through daily podcasts. There are thousands of podcasts to pick and they are all on the app. Listen to them on your way to work or during a mundane task. Podcasts are a great way to get new ideas.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com