Top 12 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Web Host

Choosing the right web host can be daunting. This is particularly so if you are building a new website and are unsure of what a certain hosting company offers. Needless to say, the web host you end up using will have a significant impact on your online success. You may have the best products, the most intuitive web design but if your site is always down, all your efforts will be for naught.

Picking the right hosting service has never been an easy thing. Nothing daunting, there are a couple of key considerations you can make to ensure you end up using a web host that will not disappoint. Below are the key factors you need to consider when searching for the right hosting service for your website.


The area of focus of a web host matters a lot. You may already know this that not all hosting companies are right for every kind of customer. Some are known for offering the best shared plans but lack mightily when it comes to dedicated hosting solutions.

To pick the right company, you first need to understand your hosting needs. Are you looking for a shared plan or an enterprise solution? Your answer to this question will help focus on companies that fit your needs. Always consider the area of expertise/specialty before purchasing a plan. You need a company that understands your needs as a customer. Do not ignore the reviews and recommendations as they say a lot about a company’s pros and cons.


Finding a company that offers the services that you need is one thing but finding the company that will not disappoint is a completely different thing. This is why you need to pay attention to the customer reviews to gauge customer satisfaction and to determine the reputation of the web host you are considering.

Before you contact a hosting company, do a Google search or look them up on major social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The goal is to see what their current or former clients have to say about them. Is it easy to contact the support team? How long do they take to respond to a support ticket? What is their course of action when they find an issue with a website?

If you cannot find any reviews, post your own unique questions on social media and wait and see what people are saying about the particular company. If you still don’t get any reviews or response, chances are you are about to get in business with a ghost company.


Another important thing you need to do is determine what you want your website to do. You need to do this honestly. If your goal is to start a blog or an e-commerce website that will be rich in content and videos, you should avoid the cheapest hosting package. A cheap or shared service will not have the processing power, the RAM and the disk space to accommodate your website needs. It will only cause down times.

It is good to understand your limitations before picking a web host. Know what you will get with your selected package and what you will not. Can your website work smoothly with the limitations? If not, you need to move on to a different hosting company.


This is the key aspect most people look at when searching for a web host. Although it should not be your deciding factor, you should not go for a service that will strain you. Choose a package you can afford and one that gives you value for your money. iPage is an affordable hosting service you can go with. The iPage review box gives all the information you need to know about the service and why it is affordable.

Tech support

All systems are bound to experience problems at one point in time. In your search for a web host, the key is to ensure that no system failure will cause total failure. You want your web-site to be up and running at all times. For this to be possible, you need a hosting service that guarantees the best support services.

When your website goes down, how soon will the support team get it back up? Pay attention to the reputation of a host more so when it comes to customer support. Take a look at the different ways you can contact them and always make sure 24/7 support services are available.

You need to remember that all hosting companies are not equal. Some will take support service seriously while others will consider it as an afterthought.


Add-ons refer to the added features or services you get with the host you choose to work with. The add-ons are what make a company special. Some impressive add-on includes availability of multiple data centers, energy saving practices or features for free domain privacy, and regular data backups.

Exit strategy

It is obvious that after some time, you might find a web host that offers better services than the one you are using right now. This means you will have to leave it for the better one. To make this transition smooth, you will have to take a look at the fine print to understand what will be required of you when exiting. Some companies may have strict restrictions just to keep you with them. Before you start using the service, ensure that you clearly understand what you can and cannot do.

Other considerations you will need to make when choosing a web host include the following:

  1. Quality of hardware has to top-of-the-line
  2. Size of storage and bandwidth needs to be unlimited
  3. Email Features such as anti-spam solutions
  4. User Interface needs to be user-friendly
  5. The service needs to be scalable enough to grow with your business needs

The above are the key points you have to consider when searching for the right web host for your unique needs. Always make sure that you get a service that is as unique as you. Don’t allow anyone to push you into services that will be impractical for your website needs.