Print Marketing: It’s Old, but Worth it’s Share in Gold

Small businesses play an important role in the society. They let you test your ideas and concepts in the real world before you expand your business. There are these thousands of small businesses that contribute immensely to the economy of a country. Yours can be one of them.

If you have decided to start a business on a small scale, one thing that you will require is advertising. You will need it to create customer interest in your products or services. Every business requires to promote itself in order to increase its visibility and to increase sales.

There are a variety of ways in which you can advertise today. With the plethora of marketing options available, you are spoilt for choice. The main decision you have to make is between the following two advertising mediums:

1. Digital medium

With the advent of internet technology and the availability of screens in almost every hand, the digital medium has become a great way to reach out to people. You can advertise on televisions, on mobiles and on websites that are accessible on these screens. You can use animations and videos to influence the target audience.

2. Print medium

Print medium has been used since traditional times as a tried and tested method of advertisement. The digital medium has not been able to stop print advertising- this in itself shows how important printing is, even today.

With the technological advancements in printing techniques, it has become easy to get good quality prints with a fast turnaround time. You can print a lot of stuff like leaflets of various sizes, business stationery and business cards. You can then distribute them to advertise about your business venture.

The benefits of choosing print medium for advertising

1. The Cost Factor

The cost of digital advertisements can be exponential and being a small business, you cannot afford to spend so much. Advertising through printed leaflets or other printed materials is comparatively cheaper to digital advertisement. It requires a considerably lower budget and you can allocate your financial resources to other business needs.

2. The Personalization Factor

Personalization is a huge part of effective marketing. Research has found that marketing efforts featuring a higher level of personalization result in a higher return on investment.

When you are feeling your way in the market, you need to reach the target audience in such a way that they feel connected to your products and services.

If you want send personalized advertisements to people, print advertisements are great. You can create, print and distribute printed material that attracts people and makes them feel that your product or service is made just for them.

3. The Localization Factor

There is no denying the fact that advertisements through the digital medium have a wider each. Yet, it is not that every business requires to reach all the nooks and crannies of the world. If you want to focus your marketing and promotional efforts to a localized area, then printed advertisement materials are the best way to go about. This way you can choose which local area you want to target. It helps you reach out to potential customers in your surrounding areas without much accrual of advertising costs.

4. The Tangibility Factor

A major problem with digital advertising is that once people watch it, it’s gone. It does not stay with them. On the other hand, printed advertisement materials can be kept by people if they feel interested in your business venture. They can keep it with them to refer to it at a later date or hand it over to anyone who needs your product or a service.

Now that you know the benefits your small business gets by using printed advertising materials, I am sure you would think about using it for your promotional campaign. If you calculate, you will see that you can get more return on invest in print advertising than by spending huge sums of money in digital advertising if you are a small business.

Your marketing strategy must be according to the size of your business. For a small business, it should definitely involve reaching potential consumers through printing leaflets, flyers, posters, banners, etc. You can distribute them in areas where your target audience frequently visits. You can even deliver them to the houses in your surrounding area.

If your content is catchy, it will surely catch the attention of people. You can include coupons to increase interest of the readers. You can even add QR codes so that if anyone wants to know more about you, they are directed to your website. This has an added benefit of increasing the traffic on your site while giving you more space and opportunity to entice the customer.

Do not underestimate the power of print medium. It has great potential to boost your sales. Although this method of advertising might appear old, remember, old is gold.