Major Multi-Million Pound Deal For Plumbridge Firm

Local engineering firm Waste Systems Ltd have announced a new multi-million pound deal to supply one of the UK’s major players in the materials processing market.

The Plumbridge firm have secured a distribution agreement with EPS Ltd to supply its Proflow DST system, which is built on Waste Systems production line at Landahussey Road.

EPS Ltd are part of the Finlay Group of companies that have a reputation of supplying the world’s best material processing equipment to the quarrying, mining, waste management, recycling, composting and soil stabilisation industries.

Waste Systems Ltd’s managing director Nishi Ward confirmed that after a significant investment in research and development (R&D) over the past five to six years, the deal represented the firm’s first major production order.

“We’ve basically been in R&D since we started, trying to develop machines and trying to get something that’s marketable,” he said.

Together with Invest NI, he said significant funds had been pumped into product development.

The Tyrone firm is now set to bear the fruit of its investment with a long-term deal with EPS that should see multiple machines supplied to the company each month.

John Dunne, managing director of EPS Ltd said, “Waste System’s Proflow DST represents a revolutionary combination of processing actions in one modular unit.

It’s something that we’ve never seen before and enables the diversion of valuable and usable waste streams from landfill.”

Waste Systems currently employ 20 people at its Plumbridge factory, with another 30 people indirectly employed through its operations.

Nishi Ward said the new deal would lead to multiple new job opportunities.

He added that the Tyrone company is also continuing to search for a potential new site.

“We have a site in Plumbridge which is fit for purpose at the minute, but we are looking to expand that and have been for the last two years,” he said.

“At the minute we are concentrating on product development and getting the products out. The rest will follow.”

Waste recovery is considered one of the World’s booming markets.

Recent legislation across Europe and the US has largely driven the demand for innovation in the sector.

In the UK, landfill tax for unsegregated waste has increased by more than 300 per-cent since 2011, prompting firms to seek out products such as those offered by Waste Systems to divide waste and cut tax liabilities.

Waste Systems’ ProFlow DST provides the highest attainable levels of segregation and is aligned to the emerging waste segregation regulations.