Just One Thing: Tips For Keeping Your Small Business Ahead of The Digitisation Trend

The nature of small business ownership is changing fast.

Whereas a simple storefront and couple friendly smiles would’ve been enough to get you by a decade ago, success these days can often be boiled down to the strength of your digital presence.

Customers expect a lot – from easy-to-use websites, to intuitive mobile experiences, to e-commerce and all-important social media integrations – and that’s why it’s never been more important to bring your company up to speed.

Check out the videos below to learn how other entrepreneurs approach digitization, and get inspired for your own ventures.

Keeping your website fresh

Never stop iterating. Look to experience data to continue optimizing your web presence.

Finding products in new places

You can use the Internet to your advantage by locating unlikely partners and vendors.

Setting up an online store

An e-commerce site is a great way to grow your brand outside of your physical location.

Building scale online

You can accelerate your growth by making smart moves with your digital presence.

Using technology to evolve processes

As your business grows, adopt technologies that can grow with it and keep you current.

Taking your brand mobile

Use mobile to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Adopting smart invoicing habits

Don’t risk receiving late payments. Stay on top of your billing and make it easy to get paid.

Practicing efficient bookkeeping

Setting up a digital bookkeeping system will keep you organized and prepared for tax time.

Upgrading your business

A tech overhaul may be just what your business needs to unlock new levels of performance and efficiency.

Creating customer experiences

The way companies win on the Internet is by creating unique, shareable and fun customer experiences.

Implementing the right technologies

Tech isn’t a cure-all for businesses. Understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and purposefully innovate.

Effectively using social media

Not every social media strategy is the same. Evaluate your specific business needs and tailor your strategy to address them.

Making the leap to e-commerce

Your business may be new to the Internet, but the offline principles that made it great will still be just as relevant.

Source: mashable.com