Are You An Entrepreneur?


The entrepreneur’s ability to create opportunity has spread to inhabit mainstream thinking all around the world. Entrepreneurs used to be minor players in business while big companies were revered. But the era of the entrepreneur has arrived, as everyone is urged to think like one.

New thinking

The rush to entrepreneurial thinking comes from the effect technology is having on the world as it forces quicker, more disruptive and more profound change in all areas of life.

The practice of working for only one or two employers in a career is dwindling, as those entering the workforce today are likely to have many different careers with many different companies in many different industries.

The skills required to excel in such an environment are those of cleverness and creativity, innovation and inventiveness, resourcefulness and resilience, as personified by the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial skills are no longer confined to those who start in business but include those who work for others and those who volunteer and contribute to their communities.

The ability to be creative in the production of goods and services will determine who wins in today’s digitally driven economy where insecurity and instability abound.

Traditional tenets of consistency and control from the centre belong to less turbulent times as technology forces competition to ever more feral levels.

The concept of long-term planning is already unfashionable as corporate strategies pivot on a regular basis to scramble for survival amid the effects of digital mayhem.

Entrepreneurial thinking

Individual businesses and people need to think and act more like entrepreneurs and be more ready to embrace the next curve of skills and ideas.

In the past businesses enjoyed relatively predictable product life cycles but today products are changing crazily fast which means companies have to act more like start-up businesses.

In this scenario the business is forever learning and always thinking about new products and new services as it invests and invents on a constant basis.

Individuals too must view their careers in a similar way, as they learn new skills in an environment that rewards only the relevant and the useful.

The benefits of an entrepreneurial approach to life and business include the ability to create opportunities where others see only toil and trouble and turmoil.

Once the transition from a stable environment is made, however, it is easier to maintain as an entrepreneurial mindset reaps its own rewards and provides its own, albeit different, form of security.

Enterprising people who remain in employment can also enjoy long and successful careers, although very likely with different employers, as they add value regardless of the particular company or industry.

SO, entrepreneurs have travelled from the cold fringes of the business world to influence mainstream thinking and are likely to play an even greater role in the future.