Cookstown Screening Firm CDE Global Reports Massive Profits Hike as Exports Grow

Cookstown-based screening giant CDE Global confirmed that its 2015 turnover soared by 43 per cent compared to the previous year.

The company, which manufactures washing equipment, waste recovery and recycling systems for a wide variety of industries, had sales of £46.3 million for the period, with a profit of £2.5 million.

The hike has been attributed to CDE successfully targeting new export markets as far afield as sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

In 2015 CDE Global sold to 33 individual countries, with 60 per cent of its products being exported outside the UK. These sales were across five sectors including sand and aggregates, waste recycling, industrial sands, mining and environmental.

Earlier this year CDE announced that it will create 110 new jobs by 2022, in an investment worth £6.8 million.

CDE’s finance director Colin Trainor said: “We are investing in our people and also in continuous R&D to bring to market new products which will help our customers to become more efficient. As part of our export strategy we are building local teams and expanding our offices in the USA and Australia,” he said.

“At the end of 2015 we set in place our 2020 Vision strategy which established our growth objectives for the next five years and detailed the geographies and the sectors which will present the greatest opportunities.

“Given the opportunities that exist across the world for our equipment we are confident that we will continue to grow as we approach 2020, providing many more local employment opportunities across all areas of our business.”

CDE has a regional office network all over the world, including offices in Brazil, India and the United States.

One of the areas that CDE is targeting for development is in the recycling of construction and demolition waste. The company currently has more than 30 recycling plants operational across the world diverting more than 7 million tonnes of waste from landfill every year.