Improve The Quality Of Your Business Instagram Photos With These Five Tips

In order to boost the number of your Instagram likes for your business, start taking better photos for Instagram using these five tricks and tips.

  1. Don’t take your photos using the Instagram app.

When you are ready to take your shots, don’t use the camera in the app to shoot them. Many features are missing in the Instagram camera. For example, filming is slow motion won’t work, all of your photos will be instantly framed into a square, and it doesn’t have zoom capability.

Basically, the camera app that comes with your smart phone is much more capable. Your best bet is to import photos into Instagram after taking shots with your phone’s built-in camera.

  1. Maintain a steady hand.

Since you are using the camera app in your phone, there are a few things to keep in mind once you start taking pictures. First off, you are going to have to practice being a camera tripod. Before you snap your photos, try anchoring yourself to something to hold yourself more steady when you click. Lean on a table or prop your hands up on its top.

At night, a steady hand is even more important because shutter speeds automatically slow way down to capture all of the available light. 

  1. Keep in mind that all of your pictures will be seen in the form of a square.

Instagram has gained a great deal of popularity by harkening back to those old-time Polaroid camera photos which were perfectly square. Because of this, not every photo that you’ve taken on your phone’s camera will look stellar once they are cropped. To offset this, make sure that you include space around items such as lattes or books so that they will still look great in the app.

Plan on taking the photos and cropping them later. And, maybe pictures of lattes or books should be avoided.

You can use a square frame automatically when you are working with the iOS 7. After opening the built-in camera app, swipe to the right.

  1. Focus, focus, focus.

In case you didn’t know, you can improve the image clarity by tapping on the screen of your phone. Once you’ve got the shot set up on your screen, tap a single time on the location that you want to focus on within the shot. A yellow square will pop up and the exposure and focus will be readjusted in that area. Most cameras on Android phones work exactly the same.

People who own iPhone cameras tap and hold their fingers on the screen in order to lock in the exposure and focus to improve the lighting. Once you see AE/EF Lock at the bottom of the screen, the lighting and focus are set.

  1. Editing apps are well worth using.

Sure there are great filters on Instagram. There are better ones out there. Will is put to shame by some of these apps. There are photo-editing apps in the app stores that provide tricked-out editing solutions. Here are a few that I highly recommend checking out:


Available for both Android and iOS, this free app is a favorite among people with a penchant for the artistic. Within the app, photos with adjusted lighting and focus can be taken, edited, and subsequently modified using the large selection of subtle filters on VCSO Cam. The app’s social network is a great place to look for inspiration.


Although it’s not free (cost is $1.99), if you want to make your photos look magically better, this app is the standard bearer. You can adjust the exposure, straighten the shot, and use any of the wide range of available filters. Clarity, flash, and soft focus are additional options. If you have a sad photo of a cloudy day and want to make it look epic, you can get it done with just a few minor adjustment when you use this app.


At just .99 cents, this Android and iOS app lets you put many photos into an adjustable, premade frame. You can illustrate the details of a delish dinner or a grand wedding with this one. However, I like to use it to make birthday cards for my nearest and dearest.