7 Secrets Behind Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business

Your domain name is very important. You want a name people can remember. Something catchy. Something that rolls off the tongue. In this post we look at the different factors you might keep in mind when choosing a domain name.

1. Make It Memorable

Easy to see, type, and remember. Something that’s easy, easy, easy.

See the key word there? Easy. Your users’ lives are difficult enough without struggling to type and remember your domain name.

Part of making your domain name easy to register?

2. “Keep It Simple, Stupid”

My father used to tell me these words; worked like a charm, hurt my feelings every time. But this one goes along with tip #1: make the process of visiting your site as painless and easy as possible.

These days, simplicity is even rewarded! Look at Workflowy: a time management app. How simple is it to use? How easy is it to navigate? How simple is the name? These are things you have to consider.

3. Fan The Flames

When people hear your domain name, they should be able to immediately figure out what your business/service/site is about.

Gmail, Hotmail, AllPoetry, WSJ (short for Wall Street Journal). All these sites tell you what the site’s purpose is.

They’re also amazing examples of brand marketing. Something that, if you’re serious about getting your site out there, you need to think about your brand marketing strategy.

And one way to do that?

4. Do Your Homework – Research!

There is nothing more tragic today than someone being sued for copyright infringement. Even when the “offender” didn’t know about it!

It’s just embarrassing, to say the least. Don’t be one of the thousands of victims who could have avoided losing all their hard-earned cash if they just Googled their domain name beforehand.

(You can even use MelbourneIT Domains to see if your domain name is already taken or not!)

And, here’s a bonus benefit from searching for a domain on top of brand marketing…

5. Separate Sheep From The Goats

In other words, having a unique domain name separates you from the competition.

How? Because your unique name gives you a staggering amount of astounding possibilities for the brand image of your site. Think PC vs. Mac. Two different companies, two VERY different images. Same purpose: to make damn good hardware.

If you know 3 or 4 other webmasters, and you’re all fighting for the same traffic (no matter how big an ocean it is out there)… Which one do you think customers/users will return to?

The site that’s just like every other rehashed, regurgitated site on the market..

Or your memorably unique, “haven’t seen that before” – branded site?

6. Pick A Suitable Extension

Believe it or not, there’s a difference between .com and .org.

If you didn’t know it already: .com is used by for-profit websites, .org is used by non-profit organizations

(There’s an entire list of extensions… Yikes!)

It’s important to pick the right one that’s suitable for your site’s purpose. Once you’ve picked the right one, there’s just another thing you have to do if you want to keep your “image” in-tact..

7. Stop Other People

How? By registering your domain name with other extensions.

Kind of like WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Two sites, similar functions… except the things people can do on either site are worlds apart from their counterpart. (Talk about confusing!)

You can also buy/register common typos of your name, so the misspellings redirect to your main site anyway. Isn’t that convenient!

Final Thoughts About Domain Names

These are just a few things you can do towards choosing a highly-successful, hugely-rewarded domain name. It is a process and does take a big chunk of your time. But in the end, is so worth it.

You can side-swipe the entire process and get your jumpstart on the fast-track towards a powerful and dominating (and EXTREMELY affordable) domain.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com