Dungannon Recycling Firm EMS Secures £1.6 Million UAE Deal

Dungannon recycling company EMS Environmental Marketing Solutions has secured a £1.6 million deal in the UAE.

The company designs and manufactures machines suitable for the recycling and construction industries including large-scale recycling plant equipment for waste management.

The deal follows investment in product development and a sales focus on new international markets.

It used a £70,000 Invest Northern Ireland grant for research and development.

EMS managing director Harry McCourt said: “Due to an ambitious growth strategy, we looked for gaps in the market place. With the assistance of an Invest NI grant for R&D allowing us to broaden our range of products, we were able to focus on creating solutions to address the needs of our customers.

“We are delighted with the developments we have made and will use this technological advancement to target growth in external markets. We’ve had great support from Invest NI towards new market entry and I’m delighted this has resulted in this new customer order in the UAE.”

Invest NI’s executive director of business solutions Jeremy Fitch said: “EMS Ltd has developed a strategic approach to business growth, investing in innovation and development to develop new products that will generate new business.

“From starting out relatively small, EMS Ltd has grown into a company which now delivers full, large-scale, and purpose-built recycling stations and equipment that successfully diverts millions of tons of waste from landfill every year.

“This new £1.6m deal in the UAE is confirmation that the company’s strategy is delivering results.

“EMS Ltd has already secured orders in export markets as far away as Nigeria and Kurdistan, as well as closer to home in GB and Europe. This latest export success in the UAE could lead to further success across the Middle East, as the UAE have become increasingly focused on managing waste and landfill sites.”

Source: irishnews.com