Business Profile: Big Impact Marketing & Training

Name: Caroline Slane
Business: Big Impact Marketing & Training
M: 07876203559


Business Profile: Big Impact Marketing & Training

Can you describe your business?

BIG Impact Marketing & Training focuses on three areas all which create a BIG Impact on customers and sales.

Marketing and export sales development: I believe marketing is simple, it’s all about sending the right message to the right people and creating an impact to secure sales. It’s about creating the most effective sales tools to tell your story about your product and service ensuring you stand out from your competitors.

In today’s world social media plays a significant role in marketing but we must never forget this is not the complete answer to marketing.

Training: Before launching a product or targeting new customers it is essential your people are ready to sell and this is where customer service and sales training is essential as you can have the best product on the market but if you don’t have your entire team of people providing a consistent service it is very easy to lose sales.

Corporate gifts: Finally with my love of giving gift and experience in Retail I offer a range of custom personalised gifts to the corporate market to once again create a BIG Impact showing customers that their business is appreciated and also reinforcing your company brand.

Why did you start your own business?

I started my own business as I wish to use my extensive marketing and export experience working with companies and products with great potential, making a difference to the success of the businesses I work with. Many companies are so busy running their business they don’t have the designated time to focus on marketing so there is certainly a demand for the services I offer.

What are the best things about running your own business?

I love working with people who are passionate about their products and have ambitious goals. I am lucky to be able to choose who I work with and I now only work with products that I am excited about and people who inspire me!

What are the main challenges facing the business?

My main challenges are trying to ensure customers can see the longer-term results of the importance of investing in marketing and training. I overcome this by outlining a clear Marketing Plan with agreed targets.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Set goals and targets and try to work as closely as possible to them and ensure you don’t put all your eggs in the one basket!

Can you describe your experience of running a business in three words?

Challenging, hard work, rewarding!