5 Ways to Brand Your Small Business Online

When you accidentally cut yourself, you probably go to your medicine cabinet and look for a Band-Aid. Why? Well, because of an extremely successful branding strategy, since that is actually the brand name and not the name of the product they offer. Brand loyalty has been on a decline for a couple of years, so building a passionate customer base is more significant than ever. Nowadays, consumers look to connect with businesses and hear their stories before they decide to buy their product. Therefore, let us take a look at five ways to maximize your online brand presence.

Choose a Great Domain Name

Many assume that the first step of starting your own website is design, but choosing the right name is as equally important. The right domain name will help you to manage your online visibility more effectively and make it easier for potential customers to remember you and your website. Furthermore, you want your company to appear on the first page when someone searches for your product on Google. Keyword-rich domain names get a considerable boost. In addition, according to Bill Hartzer, SEO director at Standing Dong Int. exact-match domain name will drastically increase your chances of turning up first in search results. For example, a .me domain can help you build the most traffic friendly website because of its nifty suffix.

Optimize your Website

Building a strong site and providing clear navigation will help Google index your site quickly and easily. In addition, it will provide your customers with a good experience of using your website and reassure repeated visits. The number of mobile users continues to grow, so you need to make sure that your site has cross-device compatibility; these days, 85% of mobile users expect web pages to load even faster than they load on desktops and laptops.

Start a Blog and Produce Great Content

Speaking of optimization, let us say a thing or two about content creation. Blogging will not only help build brand influence in your branch, it will also help you rank well in search engines. To thrive in today’s over-saturated content market, you will need to write in-depth material constantly. In a 2015 survey of over a thousand bloggers, Orbit Media Studios found that an average length of a post is 900 words. And while the length is not be-all-and-end-all of content creation, it is an increasingly important element in proving your value and expertise to readers.

Visual Marketing

Video storytelling has become an essential part of a marketing strategy for brands that are looking to raise awareness in their markets. The power of YouTube is simply astounding – people watch over 900 million hours of video each month. Furthermore, short-format video platforms such as Vine and Instagram allow you to tell visual stories in mere seconds. They are cost-effective, more sharable than other online videos and perfect for branding.

Social Media Marketing

There are over 2 billion of social media users in the world at the moment. Moreover, the number of users is expected to reach 2.5 billion worldwide by 2018, so it is no wonder that over 70% of businesses plan to invest more heavily in social media strategies. SMM is one of the most effective and economical ways of enhancing the visibility of your brand. You just need to figure out what type of content is most likely to gain prominence on your social networks. For example, tweets with images receive almost twice as much views as text posts.

Do not expect to see any immediate results, successful branding requires a lot of time and patience, but it definitely pays off. Keep in mind that words and images chosen to represent your business will live in the minds of your customers for years to come. For that reason, you need to take time and make the right branding decisions – it could make a difference in long-term profits.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com