Business Profile: Hannah McKeown Photography

Name – Hannah McKeown
Company – Hannah McKeown Photography
Contact details – 07784114669
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Can you describe your business?

I’m a Northern Ireland based professional photographer and I thrive on adapting myself to every type of photo shoot you may require.

My work is somewhat different from other photographers. This is because it stands out. I find that I am very creative, due partly to the fact that I have a degree in Visual Communication from the University of Ulster in Belfast. I believe that this gives me the skills needed to deliver what my customers desire. I enjoy putting the focus into photography and design.

Why did you start you own business? 

I started working for myself throughout my degree as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do photography full time or if I could make a living out of it. I decided to do bits and pieces for family and friends until I built up my own portfolio.

For my placement year of my degree I went to work in a studio for six months in Belfast, ‘Still life studio,’ and then had my own photo shoots for my own business on the weekends.

Once my six months ran out I still had a few months before I had to go back to university for my final year so I decided to run my business full time to see how I would get on. I realised from that how much I love photography and that I could do it as a profession.

I went back to running my business part time until I graduated, and since then it has become my full time career. I have no boundaries when working for myself. I wouldn’t have started my own business if I knew I didn’t love it so much or if it wasn’t manageable.

What are the best things about running your own business? 

I enjoy being able to take on as much work as I want to, being able to work in your own time, being the boss of yourself. I enjoy being able to deal with the customers myself and connect with them when booking them in for their photo shoot, to letting them view their photographs after their shoot. You can take on the risk and reap the rewards, each day is filled with new opportunities to challenge yourself. You can follow your passion and dreams while feeling proud of yourself in building something of your own.

What are the main challenges facing the business?

Making sure that I have constant steady work coming in. Getting orders edited and ready to preview within a reasonable waiting period. Making sure I make enough money per assignment as each job varies. Unforeseen business challenges and keeping up with the trends is a must.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Make sure it is something that you definitely want to do and can see yourself doing full time and in the future. Do your research and make sure you can make a profit from it and not a loss.

Offer what people want to buy and not just what you want to sell. That goes for any business. You need to adapt to every customers needs and wants. Get advice from others who have been in business in your chosen field for a long time and are successful. Work hard for what you want.

Describe your experience of running a business in three words or less.

Challenging and rewarding.