Satellite Broadband Subsidy For Rural Areas

New initiative to boost broadband speed for businesses and households in rural areas

A new scheme has been launched to help bring faster broadband to remote areas of Northern Ireland.

The scheme will allow rural homes and businesses to get a subsidised satellite broadband connection if they are currently unable to get broadband speeds of at least 2 megabytes per second (mbps).

The scheme, administered by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, will provide a code to eligible homes and businesses upon request.

They can then use the code with one of a selected number of service providers to obtain a subsidised satellite broadband service including, in most cases, a free satellite dish and installation saving people up to £350.

Those who avail of the scheme will be responsible for:

  • paying any remaining cost of installation and commissioning
  • choosing the features of the satellite broadband service they require
  • paying the monthly subscription for the service they selected (for a minimum period of 12 months)

Read more about the Satellite Broadband Support Scheme.