Business Profile: Tyrone Office Solutions

Contact: Shauna Rooney
Company: Tyrone Office Solutions
Location: Omagh Business Complex, Great Northern Road, Omagh
Tel: 07544915016




Can you describe the business?

Tyrone Office Solutions provides a virtual assistant service to a wide range of clients. The company provides professional and reliable administrative services tailored to suit individual and company needs. It’s a pay as you go service to suit the need of the client, as there are no overhead commitments or liabilities to any companies that use the service.

Why did you start a business?

I spotted a gap in the market and carried out a lot of market research to see if it was a big enough market to support a business. Once I checked out the market I realised there was a healthy demand from customers to support a business. This led me to the development of a business plan to make sure the finances would work out and that I could pay the bills, make a profit and build a sustainable business.

What are the best things about running a business?

Being your own boss has to be one of the best things and the sense of freedom when making your own decisions. I also like the fact that I am responsible for the success or otherwise of the business and that there are no excuses, as I can’t blame anyone else when something goes wrong.

What are the worst things about running a business?

The hours you have to work can be difficult as it can be erratic depending on the demands of customers. Making sure you manage sales and cash can also be a challenge, as you need to keep on top of payments and chase people for money at times. You also have to work hard at the business to make it a success, as it becomes all consuming particularly in the early stages.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

I would tell them to be clear about their idea and prepare well before they get started. You also need to make sure there is a market and customers for whatever it is that you are providing. You also need to make sure you don’t spend money on unnecessary things in the early stages. Once you are sure about these things then I would say just go for it.

In three words or less can you describe your experience of running a business?

Exciting, scary and challenging.