‘Quality’ Trading Year For Dungannon Packaging Giant

Dungannon-based Greiner – which made global headlines when it was responsible for the conversion of Quality Street tins into plastic packaging – made a £6.7 million profit last year on a turnover of £34.5 million.

Greiner Packaging is part the Greiner Group, one of the main European manufacturers of packaging, with a major network of production facilities in Europe, and Mexico and over 3,000 employees.

Its site in Dungannon was founded in 1972, and was successfully incorporated into the Greiner Packaging Group network in 2006, significantly strengthening its market position in the UK and beyond.

Greiner is a major manufacturer of thermoformed pots for the food and dairy industry and has successfully diversified its product range over the past five years.

The Dungannon operation is headed up by Polish-born Jarek Zasadzinski (33), the youngest chief executive in the history of the Greiner Group, and who since joining in 2005 has turned the company around from an unfavourable financial position.

During his tenure, Greiner Packaging has revolutionised Nestle‘s packaging, and he has been instrumental in building a dominant position for the company, leading a challenging project to set up a sister factory in the USA last September.

Last year the company’s turnover and gross profit at Dungannon were both up on 2013, but overall operating profit slipped back from £2.38m to £2.15m.

After tax, its bottom line profit came in at £1.54m – down on the 2013 figure of £1.9m.

The company’s assets exceeded its liabilities in 2013 by £10,331,738, according to the directors’ report submitted to Companies House.

Employee numbers were steady over the year at 219, made up of 123 in production, 79 in administration and 17 in sales/distribution.

It emerged recently that Greiner’s Dungannon factory has landed its largest in history export contract to America, which will generate around £4 million in turnover annually.

Source: irishnews.com