Entrepreneurs Are Creating The Future!

Technology and the digitisation of the world are affecting all types of businesses and jobs. Some workers feel the pain more than others as those with good jobs succeed and those without suffer disproportionately. Entrepreneurs, however, are the real winners from the advance of technology and spread of digital.


The growth of the digital world is creating enormous wealth and boundless opportunity for those with enterprise and entrepreneurial endeavour.

Technology and the digital economy are changing the structure of employment, as millions of jobs become temporary in nature, insecure in tenure and poorly paid.

At the same time, ironically, great wealth is generated as technology enables new business openings for entrepreneurs with the ability to take advantage of such plunder.

Entrepreneurs can operate more easily in the digital world as barriers crumble and the costs of starting a business and breaking into new markets tumble.

Traditional businesses and employees are hurt as work patterns alter the structure of the economy and extinguish the practice of lifetime employment.

Entrepreneurs and those with specialist skills in specific sectors profit, as the world moves toward the new, the informal, the creative, and the temporary.

But the stakes are high as businesses fail or fall prey to takeover with the resultant rewards flowing to the few as rebirth and restructure take their toll.

The digital economy with all its glitz and promise is quietly and not so quietly shifting the economic centre of gravity by causing celebration and concern in equal measure.

But its uncertain influence is only starting to become visible to the majority who have always relied on a supportive economy for a job, a career, and a life.

The challenges

The personal challenges that arise include the nature of employment and the affordability of housing, as both issues grow more worrisome for greater numbers of people.

Many jobs will vanish as technology takes control and the tradition of working for a single employer disappears, as freelance, part-time, contract work and the ‘gig-economy’ becomes the new norm.

Entrepreneurs too are growing in influence as government provides support to start new businesses and create new jobs in all sectors of the economy – old and new.

The main challenge, however, is to ensure a smooth transition for millions of workers from the old world of security and stability to a new one of flux and flexibility.

In the new world, entrepreneurs will play a vital role as they rove digital frontiers and see opportunity where others see only danger.

So, technology and digital are striking at the heart of the economy and entrepreneurs are positioned to profit as they naturally venture where others dare not go.