Omagh Enterprise – Driving Innovation, Enteprise and Growth

Omagh Enterprise Company aims to promote enterprise, and support start-up, growth and innovative businesses in the Omagh area.

The company itself has gone under considerable growth since it’s inception in 1984. Omagh Enterprise now offers 80,000 square feet of office and industrial workspace on the Great Northern Road, that accommodates over 70 companies, employing 300 staff.

Omagh Enterprise Company offers 80,000 square feet of office and industrial workspace that provides accommodation for over 70 companies employing 300 staff.

What does the company have to offer?

The company offers flexible office solutions including virtual offices, hot-desks, co-working space and a range of industrial units.  It also provides conference hire facilities, meeting rooms, an on-site restaurant and free car parking.

Do you have access to fast broadband?

Super-fast broadband is available through Project Kelvin, which is located in the centre. As a result, broadband access speeds of 10Gps plus are available to tenants with high broadband needs.

Has the Company attracted any international clients?

IMTI Systems, a New York based company moved into the centre almost two years ago.  They are a technology service provider for the commercial insurance industry and provide extensive technological solutions for underwriting and claims organisations. Lorraine McCutcheon worked for IMTI Systems in New York for a number of years and was able to to return home given the access to superfast broadband available in the centre. The company has since grown with the addition of two additional programmers based in their Omagh office.

Oracle has been based in the centre for almost six years with Barry McGillin working from the centre having previously being based in the Dublin office before getting the opportunity to move back home.  Given the availability of superfast broadband he continues to manage an international team while commuting to San Francisco as needed.

Do you have many clients returning home from overseas?

Last year we had a client, Tom Rutherford, who contacted us from Australia about taking a desk in a co-working environment.  Tom works for Sandstone Technology and wanted to move back home to Omagh, as he had the opportunity to continue working for his employer, while based in the enterprise centre. A few months later Tom’s wife Arlene also rented office space in order to work for a different Australian employer.

Do you have many clients who wanted to cut their commute?

A tenant who practices law and specialises in the technology industry, recently approached us about renting flexible office space.  He was spending 20 hours every week commuting but has now taken a desk in the co-working space, which he shares with other technology companies. As a result, his work/life balance has improved as he can spend more time with his family.

Do you feel you are in a good location in Northern Ireland for business?

The company is centrally located as it is just over an hour’s commute to Belfast, 45 minutes from Derry and 30 minutes to the nearest border town.  It is also is located on the by-pass to Derry and is a flagship building for the businesses of the area.

Where would you see Omagh Enterprise in 5 years time?

We have the physical and broadband infrastructure in place to attract and accommodate more businesses and start-up entrepreneurs.  As a result, we are reaching out to businesses to let them know about the benefits of doing business from the centre.

Do you have any networks businesses can have access to?

In April 2014, we set up @DigitalOmagh, which now has over 100 businesses ranging from social media marketers to software developers in a close knit network. As a result, we host a meet-up for the companies in the network every 6-8 weeks which has been a success with entrepreneurs in making links and doing business with each other.

Omagh Enterprise - Driving Innovation, Enteprise and Growth